What Is Infused Water About

What Is Infused Water About – Healthy Habits

Everyone seems to be talking about infused water and its health benefits, but many people are still wondering what is infused water about exactly and what are infused water health benefits! This article will cover all that and I have also included some of my own favorite recipes.

Infused water has great health benefits, depending on which ingredients are used for its preparation. It can also be prepared in different ways, cold or warm. The infused water principle is that the taste, scent and nutritional benefits from the fruit, berries, spices or herbs used will mix with the water, creating a healthy, refreshing drink.


My Discovery of Infused Water

I personally never liked the taste of water. Yes it sounds strange, but I could only gulp it down really cold, which gave me the chills and made my teeth hurt, which made it even more unpleasant.

If there was a slightest taste, I would detect it and turn up my nose and there was nothing my parents could do to make me drink warm water, which was a problem at summer time and when traveling, so I drank unhealthy amounts of diluted juice. I only ever drank voluntarily clean water from a cold stream.

However on one of my early travels I came up with a solution, based on my love for lemons. Strange I know, but I always adored them! I started adding lemon slices in my water and realized the long I kept the lemon in the water before drinking it, the stronger the pleasant taste.

I had gotten started with me first infused water, without even realizing what I was doing and long before I became a health trend. Later on during my travels to India and Sri Lanka, I realized that it was part of the Ayurvedic concept!

Ayurvedic Concept Of Infused Water

In Ayurvedic concept you can infuse water in different ways, either cold, heated up and then cooled down, or in the for of a tea. For the benefits of this article I will only be talking only infused water and not herbal teas, as I am planning on writing a separate article about it later on!

Ayurvedic medicine states that water has special properties depending on if it’s spring, pond, rain or dwell water. Everyone who has ever been lucky enough to drink from mountain stream knows how much better this water tastes like and anyone who washed their hair with rainwater or water from pond knows how it differs from the water led to our house via pipes!

DoshasAyurveda considers water to be nourishing, cooling and detoxifying, as the word Sanskrit word soma indicates. It is associated with moon shine energy and it helps to balance out the Pitta dosha, counteracting Vata dosha’s dryness. 

Water in itself once absorbed into the body properly heals by:

  • Curing fatigue
  • Nourishing skin and giving it healthy glow
  • Increasing stamina
  • Aiding digestion
  • Cooling the body
  • Aiding immune system

Additionally it is seen to detoxify the body, by flushing out the toxins and helping moisture penetrate the cells.

In Ayurvedic concept the water can be absorbed in the body in better if heat has been applied to it. The concept explains that water should be boiled and the infusion should happen either when the water is hot, which either results in tea, which is being enjoyed hot or infused water, if it’s cooled down.

Alternatively the infusion can happen after the water has been cooled down, which is a second method of making infused water. If you think of it, boiling the water is also a great way of getting rid of impurities, such as harmful minerals, bacteria and parasites.

My Favorite Infused Water Recipes

I have a lot of favorite infused water recipes, in fact there I always have one infusing in my kitchen over night. I have written down four recipes my family loves most, both for their taste and health benefits. I would also love to hear about your recipes, so be sure to let me know!

Lime, Ginger And Mint Cold Infused Water

This is a perfect immune system booster drink! It’s very useful and tasty remedy for the flue season during the winter months and extremely refreshing thirst quenching drink during the summer, making it the family favorite all year around!

It’s packed with goodness, C-vitamin, antioxidants and flavanoids. All these ingredients have great health benefits on their own, you can read more here in my Ayurvedic Medicine Remedies For Holidays article.

Additionally this infused water helps you to maintain a healthy weight by flushing your system out of toxins stored in fat, making it easier to break it down and burn for energy.

lime tree


  • 3l of filtered water
  • 2 organic limes
  • 3 cubic cm of organic ginger (1 thumb)
  • 2 large branches of fresh organic mint


  1. Boil water and cool it to room temperature
  2. Wash limes well in hot water, so the wax comes off
  3. Slice the lime
  4. Peel the ginger
  5. Cut the ginger in small cubes
  6. Place the lime, ginger and mint in a large jar
  7. Pour in water
  8. Cover with lid
  9. Let stand at least 12h in room temperature before consuming (if you live in very warm climate, put in cooler room)
  10. Refrigerate after 24h
  11. Keep good for 48h

During the summer months we like to add some ice cubes when serving!

P.S. You can of course supplement the lime with lemon, they are perfectly interchangeable. So why do I prefer lime? It gives a stronger taste, besides I have preference for bitter things and sometimes lemons are rather sweet!

You can also use the fresh ginger peel for beauty treatment! Rub the inside of the peel against your face for some refreshing anti-bacterial treatment.

Blueberry And Raspberry Cold Infused Water

This is my favorite for both it’s anti-aging, free-radicals fighting properties and simply for it’s lovely taste! My kids also really adore it. I make it mostly during the late summer and autumn from fresh produce, but it can be made from frozen berries as well!



  • 3l of filtered water
  • 250g of organic blueberries
  • 250g of organic raspberries


  1. Boil water and cool it to room temperature
  2. Wash fresh berries
  3. Put the berries in the infusing jar
  4. Pour in water
  5. Cover with lid
  6. Let stand at least 12h in room temperature before consuming (if you live in very warm climate, put in cooler room)
  7. Refrigerate after 24h
  8. Keep good for 48h

Cool the drink down with some fresh frozen berries!

P.S. Make sure that you take care of not letting this one stand too long in the warm as the berries will start fermenting. To be sure, remove the berries after 24h. They can be consumed as such, or cooked to make a compote!

Pomegranate Cold Infused Water

Pomegranate seeds have a lot of great properties, due to the high content of both C and K vitamins! I simply love this water since it helps me to fight against osteoporosis and cancer. It also promotes good cardiovascular health and helps children to develop healthy bones!

Besides this, it really tastes really great and my whole family agrees that taste wise this is the best infused water there is.



  • 3l of filtered water
  • 2 large organic pomegranates


  1. Boil water and cool it to room temperature
  2. Peel the pomegranates
  3. Put the seeds in the infusing jar
  4. Pour in room temperature filtered water
  5. Cover with lid
  6. Let stand at least 12h in room temperature before consuming (if you live in very warm climate, put in cooler room)
  7. Refrigerate after 24h
  8. Keep good for 48h

You can also cool this drink down with some frozen seeds!

P.S. Like with blue and raspberries, make sure ferment the seeds. The seeds can also be consumed after use.

Apple and Cinnamon Warm Infused Water

This is my favorite fragrant drink during the cold evenings! It can either be prepared as tea or cooled down as infused water. Most off the times I make it in large quantity, I put some aside for some great tea!

The apples have pectin, flavanols, antioxidant quercetin and are also high in C vitamin. Cinnamon in itself has a long list of benefits, mostly due to coumarin and MethylHydroxy Chalcone polymers. Together these properties give this infused water fantastic blood sugar stabilizing properties!

You can read more in my article about the amazing Honey Cinnamon Cures about the fantastic properties of cinnamon.

Red Apples


  • 3l of filtered water
  • 4 organic Ceylon cinnamon sticks
  • 4 organic apples (red varieties are sweeter and but I personally prefer green for more sour taste!)


  1. Boil water and cool to about 50C
  2. Wash the apples with hot water removing the wax
  3. Remove the seeds and stem
  4. Slice the apple
  5. Put the apple slices and cinnamon into the jar
  6. Pour in the warm water
  7. Cover with lid
  8. Let stand at least 6h in room temperature before consuming (if you live in very warm climate, put in cooler room)
  9. Refrigerate after 24h
  10. Keep good for 48h

This variety is faster to produce than others, since it uses warm water. It can also be reheated when you want to consume it, this is how I mostly drink it during the winter, but cool it down with some ice at summer.

P.S. You can also replace the apple with oranges at winter time. Remember to use the whole orange as wash the peel well with hot water to remove the wax. I like this, as orange is one of my favorite fragrances.

Dosha Balancing Infused Water

If you are experiencing dosha imbalances you can try to make the following infused waters. In order to find your Ayurvedic dosha type, take this free Ayurveda dosha quiz:

Ayurvedic Dosha Test – Discover Yourself

To find out more about dosha types and how they influence our lives,  you can read my article here:

What Is A Dosha – How It Influences Our Lives

Kapha Balance

  • 2l of water
  • 3 holy basil leaves
  • 2 thin slices of fresh ginger
  • 1/4 tsp. of cumin
  • 1/2 tsp. of fennel

Add ingredients in hot water, let stand for 2h in thermos, drink warm throughout the day.

Pitta Balance

  • 2l of water
  • 1/4 tsp. fennel seed
  • 2 rose buds
  • 1 clove Store

Add ingredients in hot water, let stand for 2h thermos, cool down in cup before drinking.

Vata Balance

  • 2l of water.
  • 3 mint leaves
  • 1/2 tsp. fennel seed
  • 1/4 tsp marshmallow root

Add ingredients in hot water, let stand for 2h in thermos, drink warm throughout the day.

My Loving Advice

Infused Water BottlesGenerally speaking I don’t recommend use of plastic for making infused water. Besides plastic actually being full of poisons that I don’t want to migrate to my water, it becomes a problem if your water does get fermented by accident.

Here you see some of my own infused water tools. I used to use glass bottles, but found it very frustrating since I had to cut the ingredients very small and sometimes had difficulties to remove them, since the swell with the water.

I got these lovely infusion jars for Christmas present few weeks ago and I am extremely happy with them! They have a large lid that closes easily and on top of that they have a faucet, which you can use to tap the water straight into a class.

Water Infusing JarsBesides, they look really pretty in the kitchen, don’t you think? At least they are creating a great discussion subject with the visitors.

Only the first time when I tried to use them, I did not realize the lid needs to be opened in order to tap the water out due to under-pressure in the jar.

Please made sure that you don’t drink more than 2l of water for adults and 1l for children, so you don’t flush all the salt out of your system and go into shock due to water intoxication. During the hot weather and sporting you can increase the amount max 1l but remember to consume sea salt or salt tablets.

So go ahead and test my recipes and be sure to give me feedback about your experiences.I really hope you enjoy both the taste, scent and the health benefits they provide!

Infused water has become part of my day and it’s important part of my natural methods to fight against my cancer. I would recommend every cancer patient to give it a go. I drink infused water during my fasting days as can be read he in this article:

Intermittent Fasting For Cancer Patients

As already mentioned before, I would also love to test yours, so be sure to leave them in the comments section. I promise to test them out!


Love and Light,


32 thoughts on “What Is Infused Water About – Healthy Habits”

  1. Hi,
    Very interesting post, I have only done infusing with lime but have always thought of expanding my knowledge on this. Thanks for the various recipes you have here, I’ll be giving them a try, especially the blueberry one since I’ve been buying them more lately. Although, when I infused water + lime, I just did that in room temperature water and left them in the fridge. What would be your thought on that? Should I do the hot water instead?



    1. Hi Luis,

      I am happy you enjoyed my infused water recipes! The blueberries are so healthy and simply taste awesome, I’m with you on this.

      I never use hot water. I boil the water to get rid of all the impurities and then let it cool to room temperature. It’s important to keep the water in room temperature over night, or 12h, before refrigerating it. This helps with the infusing process, as cool temperature actually slows it down and the water will have less taste and benefit.

  2. It is true that I never like the taste of water either. I know I’m supposed to drink it, but it just doesn’t taste good. And when you research what they do to tap water to make it palatable, well, I’m not sure I even want it after learning that. So now I have a filter that supposedly takes all that out. But I’ve been curious about infused water. Myself, I like club soda or sparkling water that I add many limes or oranges to, so why wouldn’t I like the same in my filtered water? You talk about an immune system booster infused water with lime, mint and ginger that sounds amazing and can’t wait to try. And since it has the additional benefit of helping with weight loss, that will make it even more of one that I will want to keep on hand. The pomegranate water sounds like it might be good as well. I’m a cancer survivor, and always like to take things that help with that. I know I don’t have cancer any longer, but I like to keep what goes into my body things that cancer doesn’t like and this sounds like a winner.

    1. Hi, yeah, I hate the idea that in order to ‘treat’ and ‘sanitise’ the water, they actually add some pretty nasty chemicals to it. My hate for tap water is the reasons I wrote the article: What is infused water about! I simply wanted people to have a healthy choice, instead of drinking soda or juices!

      Healthy immune system is a key to healthy lifestyle, as it keeps the deceases at bay and your body at its optimal physical and mental state. I am sorry to hear about your cancer and happy to know you beat the ugly beast! As every cancer survivor knows, it’s important to take care of yourself to make sure there is no relapse! I have cancer myself, so I use pomegranate infused water for getting the all important antioxidants.

  3. You can’t beat mountain hiking, that is for sure. I would really be interested in any recipes related to detoxing and weight loss. Not to mention energy boosting. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Patrick! For weigh loss and detoxification, you can use my lime, ginger and mint infused water. Second recipe for detoxing, please try the following:
      1) hand full of fresh kale
      2) 2 green apples
      3) 2 lemons
      4) half a cucumber

      Wash all the ingredients well, the fruit with warm to remove wax from them. Slice everything and place in infusing jar. Add 3l of water, which has been boiled and cooled down to room temperature. Let stand in room temperature over night, upto 12h and refrigerate the next morning. Consume withing 36h.

      If you are really looking for enhancing sports performance, I might suggest you try juicing instead. I am planning to write an article about healthy juicing soon!

  4. I love drinking water directly from mountain streams. I go backpacking over 10,000 feet twice a year and love drinking the snow melt from them. Best water I have ever tasted. I am also a fan of infused water. My favorite two combinations are lime/mint and apple/cinnamon. I’m a fan of all the fruits as well. I am always on the lookout for new combinations to try. Do you know of anywhere that lists ideas for recipes and their possible health benefits too?

    1. Hi Patrick, happy you enjoyed my infused water recipes. I am also a avid hiker myself, especially mountain hiking makes me happy. Lime and mint is great without ginger too, than you for pointing that out! There are several websites out there, but not one that only concentrates to infused water recipes I’m afraid. What kind of health issues would you like to know about? I have plenty more recipes, but never enough time to write them all down!

  5. Hey Hanna,
    Very good and important post, water is definitely one of the most important things to the body.
    I want to ask something:
    1- It Is important the material wich is made the recipe, like Jars or bottle?
    2- Is there a benefit of taking infused water during the workout?

    1. Hi Giancarlos! Thank you very much, happy you found some value in my article. The material is important in the sense that some of the ingredient are acid and not all materials can take that. Plastic in general, is especially bad, due to plastic molecules migrating into the water in high temperatures and with acidity! I would recommend using either glass or surgical steal. I use glass jars and bottles as the are simply cheaper than the steal ones. Drinking infused water after workout is definitely a good idea, fruit infused water will give your body some vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, which body needs after sports effort.

  6. I am one of those people who used to wonder what infused water is about! No longer, I need to try this, looks good and healthy. I want to try the one with ginger and mint but with lemon. Can you also heat it afterwards or make this same as tea?

    1. Hi Melanie! I am happy you are no longer wondering 🙂 Yes, it is very healthy and you can indeed make a great tea from the same ingredient: lemon, ginger and mint!

  7. Hi Hanna, I am lucky enough to have attended in some of your yoga lessons and tasted your lime, ginger and mint infused water, wonderfully refreshing after the session! My personal favourite has become Mint, cucumber and lemon, I drink it every morning now since I fast until noon and find it very good for my stomach and it keeps the hunger and headaches away. I will try the apple and cinnamon one, I really love your classic chai, cinnamon is surprisingly good in tea. Do you have any recommendation about if small children can drink it? My oldest is 5 and the baby twins are just 8 monthss.

    1. Hi Diana, I am happy you have enjoyed it. Cucumber is a really good one as well, especially in the mornings and during fasts! It indeed has a detoxifying effect, so it keeps headache away and helps the body to burn stubborn fat easier during the fasts, hence less feeling of hunger. Cinnamon is a wonderful addition to any cold or hot drink.
      I would not give any infused water containing spices to children under 2, that would include any infused water containing ginger. Ginger is a very powerful spice and has to be administered carefully to the children. Your 5 year old can drink any recipe without problems.

  8. Very few people I know hate the taste of water, that’s very very strange. Haha! Before I would add lemon slices, lemon juice, cucumber, and mint leaves in a jug of water. But I would get lazy and not continue on for what’s supposed to be a detox month for me. I guess I would get back to it and try your suggestions !

    1. Heh, you would be surprised! Most of the people I know don’t like drinking water 😀 Must be a cultural difference. That’s a great detox drink, I personally don’t like cucumber too much, but it works wonders. You should! This is a very gentle way to detox the body.

  9. Wow, I had no idea what was involved in infused water. Great article, I learned a lot. Like you, I can’t stand the taste of plain water, though I drink it anyway because I know it is healthy. I’ll definitely be trying out the lime, ginger and mint recipe. I love those and I can easily get them where we are currently living. And I love cinnamon apple anything! Thanks for the great tips!

    1. Hi Wendy! Thank you for your comment, you are very welcome. I am happy to hear there are some other people who loath gobbling down water, its essential though, since body needs it to function properly. The lime, ginger and mint infused water is definitely my personal favorite health wise and apple and cinnamon infused water is the taste winner for sure!

  10. Fantastic idea. I love infused water but never thought about having a stand for them in my kitchen. I just had a bottle with a fruit holder inside it. A couple of questions:
    Where can I buy the jars like you have?
    What is Dosha? It isn’t a term I am familiar with.

    1. Hi Gillian! I have to get around writing that article about doshas, the important Ayurvedic concept! I just keep on putting it off, since I have so many other ideas what to write about! Until I do so, I will simply send you to the Wikipedia article about the doshas and their influence in your body and mind!
      The jars I have can only be bought in Europe, but I do have a good one to recommend in Amazon US, in fact I used these very jars when I lived in US, but ended up giving them away when I moved back to Europe: http://amzn.to/2iFJOmv

  11. Oh, I didn’t know so many things about infused water. It seems like a great remedy to a lot of problems. I have a friend that is very passionate about this things as well. I am sure she will love your post when I share it to her.

    1. Hi Luliana! Thank you for your comment. Yes, infused water is really good for us and helps with a lot of health issues. I am happy that you found the article valuable enough to forward to your friend, thank you for that!

  12. This was a very VERY enjoyable and educating read. I loved the way that you write out the recipes for us people to follow, I’m sure THATwill come in very handy. I am bookmarking this post for later reference.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Simon, I am happy you enjoyed my post and the recipes, make sure to try them out. Some have weight-loss benefits, which I know your website deals with 🙂

  13. That was awesome. I think the pomegranate would be my favorite. Yes, i have a prob drinking just water myself. It give me heartburn if I drink too much. How does that happen?!?

    Yes, it is very important not to use plastic and only drink filtered water because you have no idea what is in tap water. I don’t even like using it for shows but that is pretty hard o get away from, yes?

    thanks for the awesome article. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Brent, the pomegranate is very nice indeed! Well, drinking large quantities anything will make your stomach react in protest to upsetting the acid environment 🙂
      Tap water is contaminated in most places with poisons, such as chlorine and fluoride, which are often used to ‘treat’ the water! If you have no access to filtered water, you can boil the water for at least 20 minutes and then cool it down. Plastic is very dangerous for keeping your drinks in, as when plastic heats up, for instance in a hot car, the plastic molecules will seep into the water! You are very welcome 🙂

  14. Hi ArtByHeart,

    Nice read. I have actually drank water from a fresh spring. I used to do a lot of hiking in the Scottish mountains when I lived there. In the highlands we get a lot of natural filtration with streams flowing down into the glens. In the Winter or early Spring there is nothing better than the taste of fresh clean natural water.

    These infused water jars look brilliant and my wife (and me) would love these. She is always adding lime or lemon or mint to water and drinking that instead of just water on it’s own.

    I’ve got to try and get these jars for her. Can you point me in the right direction? If I can buy on amazon I will, but only if they can deliver to Malaysia.

    1. Hi Craig, nice for you to find time to comment an other one of my posts 🙂 Yes, once you taste a water from mountain spring you don’t want to go back! I also lived in Scotland almost 6 years, simply love the clean nature of the highlands.
      Infused water is so great, I am happy you guys agree! Lime or lemon together with mint is great, I just love to add the ginger for health benefits and little spiciness!
      I have sent you privately a link to a Amazon US company that delivers to Malaysia, but it can be expensive, so I will try to find some local varieties. I know Amazon in opening in Singapore this year and I am sure they will deliver to Malaysia too!

  15. I like this concept of infused water with all this different flavors to get hydration and antioxidants. My dad used to do them with lime juice and sometimes tangerine. I do not have any problem with drinking plain water but sometimes I infuse it. You are recommending filter water for some of this infusion waters. What is the benefit of filter water?

    1. Hi Ebufi, thank you for your comment! The infused water is so refreshing and good for your health. Citrus fruit is great for infused water. I am recommending usage of filtered water in order to remove the pesticides and heavy metals, which seep into the ground water and remove poisons such as fluoride and chlorine, which are sometimes added to the tap water to ‘sterilize’ it. An other alternative is to boil the water for at least 20mins and then cool it down.

  16. Hi There,

    Very nice post! I really enjoy fruit infused water. One of my favorite recipes is grapefruit, lemon, and lime. I’m always impatient with letting it sit over night and usually just cut up the fruit and put it into my water bottle.

    I have heard lots of the same things with regards to using plastic bottles and cups. Unfortunately, I like to take this water to work with me and they won’t allow any glass containers on the floor.

    I do like the idea of getting a glass water dispenser as your main photo shows and keeping it in the fridge for home use.

    Another big favorite recipe of mine is raspberry and limes … Fantastic!

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi David, thank you for your comment. Citrus fruit is great with infused water, as is raspberry! The longer it stands, the better the taste. You could try to make your infused water in the evening? I always do this 🙂
      You could try a stainless steal bottle? They are sold in camping stores and also online, better alternative to plastic!
      The jars are fantastic, I have sent you a private message, as I am not sure of your geography, or you can also find the link to Amazon US store it in my answer to Gillian!

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