Weight Loss Gift Ideas

Weight Loss Gift Ideas Without Stigma!

The best weight loss gift ideas without stigma associated with such a gift! So what is the perfect gift for a anyone who is struggling with overweight? How does one buy weight loss gifts to someone without it been taken as an insult?

I don’t want to go to the reasons here why a person is overweight! It could be anything from having unhealthy habits, illness or busy lifestyle. I guess you know better than me, since you are here looking for a great weight loss gift ideas for someone yo care about!

Maybe it is a woman who just had a baby and cannot get rid of her post natal belly? Or perhaps it is a man who is diabetic and has health problems due to his or her overweight.

Weigh Loss Gift Ideas

What you know for sure is that this woman or man has tried every diet on this planet and nothing works for her. They feel depressed and hate their own looks. It’s time for you to solve the problem and give them a weight loss gift that works.

My top 4 gift ideas for a anyone who is struggling with overweight are:

1. Organifi Green Juice $57.95 

Would you agree that getting healthy is one of the most important reasons anyone needs to loose weight?

Organifi Green Juice

If you want to help people get started with weight loss fast, there is no better supplement than the green juice superfood supplement from Organifi. This amazing product will help the body to detoxify and lose the unwanted pounds fast, while at the same time improving the overall health!

This superfood supplement carries no stigma as a weightloss aid, as you can explain to them you wanted to gift your family member or a friend something that tastes amazing and helps the body to get all the nutrients it needs in a simple and no hassle way!

Take a look at this video, which explains you how this amazing product works redusing belly fat! Organifi Green Juice Video

2. Yoga for Weight Loss Program $60

Yoga is a great gentle way to start moving and loosing weight. An overweight person is unlikely to want to go to a yoga studio because they feels so bad about their body. Give them a gift of yoga to encourage her to get back in shape as soon as possible!

Yoga Gift Certificate

3. Effortless Weight Loss – DVD Set $67

This 21 day Ayurvedic program will help anyone loose weight without crazy dieting, which will leave the dieter low on energy, depressed, sullen and irritable. By the end of this course the participant will feel more connected with herself, light, and energetic. Their depression will lift and she will feel great both mentally and emotionally!

Want to accelerate their journey into slimmer body? Why not add  some detoxification products to your shopping basket!

Ayurvedic Detoxification Products

The combination of all the Ayurverdic aids anyone will need to start her weight loss journey with a bang and without the of spending a lifetime hunting for the right food products and supplements in the supermarkets of online stores.

There are some tasty and easy meal kits which they can easily carry it to work and have a healthy no hassle snack when they have no time to cook.

4. Youthful Skin Massage Oils for Men and Women $34.95

VPK Massage Oils

You  want to give something that both rewards the dieter for the hard work and enthuses them to continue with weight loss. How about something they can enjoy together with their partner?

This set made from pure essential oils comes with two different massage creams. One for him and the other for her. Both oils can be used for daily self massage in order to nourish, moisturise and tighten the skin, which is definitely important after weight loss.

You can of course treat them to a luxurious massage session with this oil, women especially love this. The pure essential oils are more easily absorbed by the skin than most regular massage oils, these precise blends of ayurvedic herbs and aromas rejuvenate the body quickly!

Also take a look at my own article about the ultimate massage tool, the kansa wand:

Kansa Massage Wand

HOT TIP! Why not get together with relatives and friends and buy them all 3? The effective combination of Yoga and Ayurveda herbal products will help to lose the unwanted kilos in no time.

You loved one will get healthy, get more energy, be happy once again and find some lovely ways to thank you all for sure!

With Love,


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Gift Ideas Without Stigma!”

  1. I will give my wife a gift of yoga. I ordered the 1 year membership for yoga download for her birthday next week. She has spoken of starting yoga practice forever, but has never dared to walk into the studio due to her overweight. Your article is pure gold. Thank you so much for it.

    1. Hi Richie, this is indeed why many woman who want to start yoga don’t do so, as it’s often intimidating to venture into the studio if you neither have the body or the skills. I am sure she will enjoy it and if she has any problems, she can always drop me a line. I am here to help. My email address is: ArtByHeart@ArtByHeart.biz

  2. This is an other great take on weight loss from you Hanna, thank you so much! You hit the nail in the head stating that my best friend wants to loose weight after birth and I really want to help her, as does her husband but feel helpless! But we were afraid of offending her, this is why I was wondering what to buy her for Christmas. Yoga Download sounds like really great choice though, as it is more about getting fit than saying: ‘You are fat’. I also think the massage creams are a great choice and once she gets started maybe we can gift her the Ayuveeda program as a birthday present.

    1. Hi Katarina!
      Yes, indeed, this is very difficult task, but if done correctly, it will give the person a gentle push into the right direction! Your approach is a really good one, as indeed yoga gift says more about getting back in shape than loosing weight 🙂

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