Unique Christmas Gifts For Women

Unique Christmas Gifts For Women – A Gift She’ll Love

You probably ended up on this page, because you were reading my article about Christmas gift ideas for women and want to know how to pick a unique Christmas gift for women who are picky.

It’s most likely your girl friend or wife, but we might also be talking about your sister or perhaps mother. You are simply out of ideas what to give her, as nothing seems to please her!

I will tell you a little secret, she is actually not picky at all, she just appreciates good quality and has her own unique taste! She likes unusual things and appreciates gifts chosen with insight.

When you pick a gift for her make sure what ever you buy is top of the line, something she can cherish and show of to her friends proudly. It doesn’t have to be expensive though!

My top 3 gift ideas for picky woman this Christmas are:

  1. The Ayurvedic Woman $97.00 $197.00

Ayurvedic WomanGive her to gift to understand herself and her body. So many women are struggling with so called women issues. The are generally brushed under the carpet with the mention: You have to suffer for being the fairer sex.

Not in Ayurveda! This unique DVD set teaches her secrets how to take care of her own body, doesn’t matter what age she is. It will teach how to balance the Ayurvedic doshas and regain the control of your body.

Below is a film of everything this powerful movie will teach you about improving fertility, eradicating PMS and menopause symptoms.

She would never expect you to give her this insightful gift, but she will for sure enjoy learning about these secrets!

The Christmas offer is simply amazing offer with 100USD REDUCTION in price. This course also includes online access to the content, so it can be viewed from the PC or mobile!

2. Meditation Retreat

Boost her well-being by booking her a  yoga and meditation retreat! Sounds expensive? It doesn’t have to be!

Yoga Retreats has the largest selection available from any online yoga travel site.  Most yoga retreats are now advertising their services via this great platform!

She will sure want to heal, and nourish her soul, a meditation yoga retreat is a perfect place to learn about the secrets of yoga and mediation!

On such retreats, you will start finding answers to your needs from within. You will learn to relax completely and reset all your batteries.

There are many wonderful packages to choose at Yoga Retreats from budget trips to more luxurious packages. However they all offer her the time time to relax and really concentrate on herself, she will simply love it.

Meditate Yoga Retreat

This easy to use platform can let you make the selection by destination you think she might be interested in, dates, yoga style she is interested in, or by a type of holiday! In this case I suggest that you select the yoga meditation retreat section.

Amongst the popular ones are yoga and meditation retreats in India and Bali. Book a meditation and yoga retreat for her and give her a gift of rejuvenation. As a bonus she will come home either with a new hobby or a deepened practice.

3. Enchanting Beauty: Ancient Secrets to Inner, Outer & Lasting Beauty

You love herEnchanting Beauty Cover px gorgeous being and you want her to stay that way find here.

If she is more of a person who likes to read rather than watch movies, why not give her a gift which helps her to enhance her natural beauty?

Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar brings her vast knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine together with her expertise as an esthetician to give us the foundation for beauty that radiates from the inside out.

This book open a gateway into the Ayurvedic secret methods of enhancing beauty and staying forever young and healthy!

I must warn you though, a lot of women get addicted to these products and methods and although readily available in India and Sri Lanka, in the Western World they don’t come cheaply!

HOT TIP! If you feel that none of these gifts is right for her, make sure to browse around my other gift suggestions for women!

And yes, you can of course still give her that gift card, if you are convince that she is better off selecting her own gift!

P.S. Also take a look at our Competitions and Giveaways! We always have one ongoing for Amazon Gift cards!

16 thoughts on “Unique Christmas Gifts For Women – A Gift She’ll Love”

  1. I saw this article on Twitter and it reminded me I still had no gift to my wife ? I have just ordered her a surprise yoga and meditation long weekend in South of Spain! Now I need to order the plane ticket too. This is going to make her so happy.

    1. I Peter, I am happy you both found something and took the time to leave me a comment! I am also excited that someone is actually using twitter to actually to read and follow up on things as most people are just doing auto posting with a bot! Rather frustrating 🙂 If you look at my tweets you notice I only do manual tweeting myself 🙂
      Yes, yoga and meditation retreats are fantastic, South of Spain has just the right temperature right now, warm but not not too hot! Let me know which one you chose and how much she enjoyed it!

  2. Choosing a gift for my wife has always been a challenge, or maybe it is just me that makes it a challenge. What ends up happening is my wife would pick something that she really wants, and I would say, lets buy it and it can be your Christmas present.

    I’m now thinking that surprising her with a well chosen gift without her input will make her extra happy on Christmas day. Maybe one of the meditation retreats might be a good idea. Are they just for women, or are they suitable for couples? Or do you think she would appreciate it more if it was just for her?

    Thanks for these ideas!

    1. Hi Andrew, thank you for your comment!
      Choosing a gift for someone we love can be a real challenge. We naturally want them to be happy with what we have chosen, but this is not an easy task. Especially men seem to miss the little hints that we women are trying to plant in our spouses brains!
      Retreats are definitely not only for women, although the people who attend these retreats tend to be 70% women. I believe it is because women are often looking for balance in their lives by seeking me time 🙂 I think she would love it either way, together with you or alone. But I often suggest to send her off on her own first, maybe a long weekend retreat to show you support her well being. She will come back happy and energized and will recommend you will try it together the next time!

  3. I had to learn the hard way on that tip! After she was a disappointed a few times with gifts, I had asked her what she really wanted. Her reply … Listen to what I have to say and you will know what I want for gifts.

    So from that day forth I start jotting down the stuff I hear her say she wants and then I get it later. She’s a happy camper and so am I.


    1. How sweet 🙂 All relationships are a give and take. We women often find it as a sign of love and appreciation, that our man actually uses some of his brain power to memorize things, which are important to us.

      It sounds like you and your wife have found a great balance in your life together and I am genuinely happy for you!

  4. The Ayurvedic Woman DVD set would be the perfect gift idea for my wife. She likes the idea of working on herself but has a hard time getting started on it and always resorts to the internet if she feels out of sorts.

    I think that if I gave my wife a yoga retreat she would just look at me and say “are you calling me fat?” With her personality, I don’t think that gift should come from me but maybe if she has the DVD set, it will help her understand that as people we all need to keep up those on those physical activities like yoga and regular exercise.

    I think that this is a great trio of gift ideas for the ladies. I know that my wife loves it when I pay attention to what she says she wants in our conversations and then several months down the road I get it for her. That’s called brownie points! Take notes guys!

    These are really great suggestions thanks for writing this article!

    1. Hi David,
      Thank you for your insightful answer and great tips to other men! I am one of those women who likes to drop on hint for gift ideas to my loved ones, unfortunately not many are listening 🙂 The DVD set is a real great gift for any woman, who likes to work on herself!
      I understand where you are coming from. I would like to say though that the yoga and mediation retreats are great way of actually learning to practice yoga. I understand thought that every woman will react in a different way, you certainly seem to know yours, she is one lucky lady!

    1. Hi Denys, thank you. A lot of young people like to buy presents online, it’s more convenient than running around in the shops. Older generation still likes the manual action, I think it’s a choice everyone must make!

  5. I think all the women working here would love to get a meditation retreat as a present, not to mention my wife! What a unique and alternative gift idea indeed. I always just end up buying yet an other set of yoga clothes!

    1. Thank you very much Johannes!
      Although a new set of yoga clothes is always nice, we here at ArtByHeart believe meditation retreat is even better gift! Let us know if you need help choosing one!

  6. I never, ever seem to get this type of gift thing right – I think it’s probably a man thing I’m stuck with for life!

    My partner has spent the last two years, since the birth of our boy, looking after him near enough full time (so that I can work full time on my businesses!).

    I’m really interested in the yoga retreat options you have covered here as I think this could finally break the run of poor presents I’ve been producing! (not through lack of trying!).

    Do you recommend just concentrating on her getting the full out of this type of retreat or maybe both of us trying it out? (not so relaxing for her but at least she will have company!

    1. Hi Christopher, I would recommend that you send her of on her own first to try it out. She will find it relaxing having the time to concentrate on herself without having to care for anyone else. This is a very special gift she will for sure relish and talk about for years to come! She is sure to enjoy it and then you will see that she will recommend it that you both attend one at a later occasion!

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