11 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Coconut Oil Pulling”

  1. This is actually a terrific site. I particularly enjoy your video content, you should produce more. I’ll try out coconut oil pulling hoping it will help for bad breath.

  2. I really like this movie. It explain the concept very well. May it would be good also talk about the benefits in this movie, because not everyone will read the text.

    1. Hi Birdy, thank you for the tip. I realize that, but on the other hand I am a blogger and not a vlogger by choice as I like I writing.

  3. I think this article makes so many valid points. I have long used coconut oil for cooking and my hair and skin, but wasn’t aware there are health benefits from using it for oil pulling. But it makes sense that those same benefits could be used to prevent decease in the mouth and throat. Will this also help someone who is suffering from frequent viral infections in the air passage?

    1. Hi Petra,
      yes, coconut oil has many benefits as you have discovered! Absolutely, coconut oil pulling will help to keep the airways infection free and help to cure any exiting infections.

  4. Thank you for this post. I always practice this ritual every morning and was looking for informative link about it that I could give to my friend who is interested to hear more about it from someone else’s perspective. I will send this link to her.

  5. Great article. I knew the benefits of eating coconut oil, but was not aware that it can also be used this way. I saw something about it on TV and decided to search for it on google. Glad I did, because now I know everything there is to know about the benefits of coconut oil pulling. Only one question? Where would I find a suitable product?

    1. Hi Zoe. Coconut oil has a lot of health benefits and can be either digested, used for pulling or applied on the skin and hair. It’s rather easy to find coconut oil online nowadays. Just google raw organic extra virgin coconut oil or go to Amazon.

  6. Well I definitely enjoyed reading your article about the benefit of coconut oil pulling. I have been wanting to find out it for long time for teeth whitening and improvement of oral hygiene. This tip provided by you is very helpful for the maximum benefit from this technique. I have a question though: Can I also do it in the evening? I have very little time in the mornings.

    1. Hi Petra, coconut oil pulling works really well for whitening teeth and it’s also great for keeping your oral cavity, throat, teeth and gums healthy! Yes, you can also do the pulling in the evening if it’s more convenient. Although evening is the an ideal time, it will still be beneficial.

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