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What Is The Definition Of a True Friendship?

Have you ever reflected what is the definition of a true friendship? To find the answer, all we need to do is to look at the people we have shared a part of our journey with. This story is dedicated to all my friends, may they find as much happiness in life, as they have brought into mine.


Hands Forming a Heart

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”

― William Shakespeare


Childhood Friends

I knew you as a child, you were my best friend. Nothing could tear us apart. We got in trouble together and we climbed trees together.  You cover up for me and I told white lies in your defence.

We started school together, learned to swim and went on summer camps. Over the year we lost the touch, one of us moved away and the other stayed.

We lost touch, but when we get together by faith, it’s like the distance and time apart never happen. We still love each other as much as all those years ago.


Young Friends

You shared all my dreams when I grew up, you shared my growing pains in those years when I turned from a little girl to a woman. We supported each other through the heartaches of the first love.

You knew how I was looking for my place in this world and you helped me to find where I belonged. I thought you how to put up your hair and you were the first one to put lipstick on my lips.


Travel Buddies

I met you some where for few fleeting days. We met on top of mountain, in the desert, in the jungle, on cattle class in a plane, deck of a ship, at the train platform.

We talked about everything and nothing. We shared food, drinks, the little money we had, pictures, diaries, hotel rooms, cabins and cold ground in front of the blazing fire.

We instantly felt an attraction towards each other, we knew we were two parts of the same story, we were soul mates. Our paths separated as we were both vagabonds and we never met again, but we stayed in each others hearts.


Coffee Break

We worked together on a project on in the same team. Or maybe I was your superior or you mine? Our friendship started out with frustrations regarding to customers, managers, work loads and trying to balance our lives with work pressure!

We sat together in the coffee room, sometimes in silence, just happy for a moment of peace, sometimes excited to tell something about kids or success with our careers.

We traveled together to expos, conferences and customers, stealing a moment here and there to do some sightseeing and shopping. In the evening we joined forces to enjoy local entertainment and cuisine.


Social Media

I met you online and I never have never seen you face to face,  but you know so much about me and I you. I watched your children grow up and you saw me find happiness.

You have shared my joys and I celebrated your life. I have cried bitter tears for you and you have comforted me in me sorrows and given me support when I felt nobody else cared.



Family Of Monkeys

We were born into the same family.  You were my sister, my brother, mother, father, grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin, my child. I didn’t have a choice in the matter and nor did you, not that we would have wanted it any other way.

We became friends because we spent all that time together. We fought, we hated, we loved and we shared. We chose each other over and over every single day. It was us, standing together against the world and it still is.



 One day you showed up in my life. It was faith and knew instantly I could never again let you go. You instantly became part of my life and me yours. We keep in touch, if not every day but as often as we can.

We write, we call, we visit and we enjoy each others company. We do things together or just sit next to each other without saying a word. You are the one I run to when I need to share my joy and your are my strength when I need a shoulder to cry on.



I made you up! Yup, you are my imaginary friend, who only exist in my head. I have known you all my life! You are my very best friend.

I tell you all my secrets, the ones I dare trust nobody else! You always listen, never complain or judge, instead you always give me great advice 😉

You might be like me


You might be my exact opposite


We might be crazy together


You might balance me out


But I want you to know that I love you


I am happy for the day you walked into my life

Thank you for being part of my journey!

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Love and Peace,


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