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What Is Coconut Oil Pulling About

You might have heard about the latest health trends involving coconut oil and wonder what is coconut oil pulling about in fact? This article will emerge you to the secret of this ancient Ayurvedic tradition, covering the history, production, the technique and the health benefits of coconut oil pulling.

What Coconut Oil Pulling About Exactly?

When talking about coconut oil, it is important to remember that coconut oil is produced from coconuts and not from palm hearts, like palm oil, which usage has grown controversial due to the destructions of rain forests for the benefits of palm oil plantations. You can read more about this in my own article about protecting the earth.


Coconut Oil Production

Coconut oil is produced in most parts of Asia, Middle and South America and Africa. It can be produced with two different methods:

  1. Drying coconut meat and mechanically pressing the oil. This process results in raw extra virgin coconut oil.
  2. Coconut oil is extracted without drying. The coconut milk is the first product to be produced. Afterward the oil is seperated from the cobra by boiling, fermenting, refrgerating or mechanical centrifuge. This process is called wet-milling and since the oil is not the product of the first press, cannot be called extra virgin.


Making Coconut Oil

History of Coconut Oil Pulling

Coconut oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice, dating back 5000 years, helps to balance the three doshas of the body, by detoxifying the body via the salivary glands. Read more about dosha here:

What Is a Dosha – How It Influences Our Lives

Deeply rooted into the religious daily ritual cleansing, one of the long traditions of Hinduism. This was a very important for both maintaining good health in the ancient times and living the religious life described by the Vedas.


Although coconut oil pulling is being traditionally practiced in India, the concept was first popularized by Russian Dr. F. Karach in 1990’s for the Western world. Today many health improvement programs promote it’s usage, its most common use today is teeth whitening.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Extra virgin Coconut oil is ant-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, due to which it has various health benefits. It can be used in five different ways:

  1. Ingesting – Eating two spoonfuls of coconut oil daily
  2. Skin – Moisturizing the skin and helping to heal wounds
  3. Hair – Moisturize and nourish the hair
  4. Vaginally – to help to rebalanced vaginal flora in order to treat and prevent yeast infections.
  5. Oil pulling

Only the health benefits of oil pulling are covered in this article.

Healthier Teeth

A lot of the teeth problems are caused by tartar or scale, which is build up of hard plaque. Plaque itself contains bacteria, which are responsible for cavities, root infections and gum disease.


Coconut oil  contains Lauric acid, which is very well known for its antimicrobial actions, it prevents the strep mutans bacteria, which cause tooth decay.

Coconut pulling also helps with whitening the teeth, be removing the stains in the enamel, as the mechanical action of swishing triggers an emulsification process and helps to ‘scrub’ stains from the teeth.

Healthier Mouth & Throat

Mouth is the gateway to the body. We ingest a lot of bacteria, viruses and fungus every day when we eat, drink and exchange bodily fluids with others for instance by kissing. These can cause a lot of health issues for the whole body.

Coconut oil pulling helps to rinse your mouth help to heal and prevent:

  • Gum deceases
  • Mouth infections
  • Sore throat
  • Air ways infections
  • Tongue plaque
  • Bad breath


Healthy mouth and teeth will remove some of the toxins before they spread to the rest of the body, meaning that that body will remain healthier without toxic stress, the following are the benefits of this detoxification progress:

  1. Reduction of headache and migraines. Build up of toxins in the body and the brain is one of the cause for headache.
  2. Keeps the skin clear. Body cleanses toxins out via the pores. Less toxins in the body means less skin impurities.
  3. Improves the hormone functions zyban medication. Build up of bodily toxins prevent hormones from working properly.
  4. Improves the immune system. Because the body is not fighting toxins, the immune system can concentrate on fighting other causes of illnesses, making us generally more resistant to diseases.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention obesity, stroke, heart diseases, diabetes and arthritis are linked to dental problems and gum health.

Coconut Oil Pulling Techniques

While there are several varying techniques for the coconut oil, here are the correct steps:

  1. Brush your teeth and clean your teeth.
  2. Take a spoon full of organic, extra virgin coconut oil in your mouth.
  3. Do not swallow.
  4. If the oil is not in liquid for because it has been stored in cold, let it melt in your mouth.
  5. Move the oil back and forth in your mouth, swishing, making sure it enters all the areas of the mouth including under the tongue
  6. Gurgle with the coconut oil
  7. Spit the oil out. DO NOT SWALLOW!
  8. Gurgle with water
  9. Drink a class of water to get the rest of the oily residue out of your mouth
  10. Do not brush your teeth afterwards!

The variations mostly concentrate on the time the act of pulling lasts and how often it should be performed. 10-20mins are the usual recommendations. Longer, the better for removing microbes. Most people agree to optimal benefits it should be done daily, but some do it twice a day, others few times a week.

There are possible rituals to be performed while pulling the coconut oil if you follow some ancient rites. I will not covering the rituals here as they vary not only based on the religion, but also from region to region. I will however mention that is usual to hum out loud during coconut pulling.

You might ask why it’s important to spit out the oil, instead of swallowing it? Coconut oil is healthy, right? Yes, it’s healthy, but when you use this technique, you are gathering bacteria and viruses from your mouth and throat in the coconut oil and you definitely don’t want to digest that.

Instead afterwards, take an other spoonful and swallow it immediately without repeating the procedure. Most people tend to brush the teeth in the end, which is a mistake. By ingesting an other spoon  full of the oil, you leave a healthy protective layer on your teeth.

My Loving Advice

Here you see my own technique, I personally do coconut oil pulling for 15 minutes in the morning after yoga and cleansing my body, before eating. I both hum and use this time to due a short mediation and reflect inwards. In fact I find this daily ritual very calming.

You want to be gentle with the coconut oil pulling. It is important not to swish too hard or use the coconut oil to brush the teeth with! Do not mix any other ingredients with the oil!

There are several so called Ayurvedic mixtures that contain ‘beneficial herbs’ and sesame oil. It does not give the same benefits that pure unrefined coconut oil pulling does. You can ingest the herbs separately, they do much more good to your body this way.

There are a lot of negative videos of using this technique on the Internet, by people who have no idea of proper use of this technique. Some are also fake showing supposed damage to the teeth with before and after pictures.

Organic Coconut Oil

Also make sure you only use the pure and unrefined coconut oil! I am myself not fortunate enough to be able to produce me own, so I have to rely on organically certified products. Just follow my instructions and be safe!

With Love,