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What Is Positive Thinking About – Sattvic Mind

Most of us use all our lives to chase after happiness, not realizing it’s a choice we make every day! Read my article to discover what is positive thinking about and how sattvic mind program can help you in your search for the ultimate bliss!

This has been one of those months that absolutely everything goes wrong. It’s been really hard to try to maintain a positive attitude and thinking.

Luckily last week I have been attending a seminar about how to use the Ayurvedic sattvic mind program for positive thinkings! Although the concept was not new to me, it has reminded me of the fact that happiness is indeed something we choose with our words. actions and thoughts every day.

When Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

First of all my health has gotten to the worst the last months and besides tightening my diet, yoga and exercise routine, I have been forced to give up my full time work, causing a considerable loss of income for my family.

Herbal Teas

For the same reason, I have also been forced to give up my active roles in running several of my companies, as the work and travel related to it were both causing a lot of stress.

I also had 2 car accidents, although neither my fault, the hassle caused was endless! One was caused by a drunk youngster in Poland and other by a truck, who’s tire exploded, causing flying debris and junk on the road.


car crash

However both times, the insurance companies were refusing to handle the case with ease and pay for the damages without a fight, causing me to having to advance the repairs out of my own pocket just to get the car into driving state.

Besides from not having a car for weeks at the time, I will now be facing a motor vehicle technical inspection in January, which I know I will fail with some of the repairs still pending.  I smell a court case here!

My teenage son has experienced some trouble at school and was expelled twice, forcing me to care for him, instead of myself like I had planned. Same time my daughter also experiences difficulties in math and I have not been there to help her out for the oncoming exams due to my cancer treatments.


Broken Finger

Our lovely dog got bitten rather badly by an other older male while visiting on the island of Rügen by the North Sea. That aggressive dog also bit through my finger!

This has caused my dog to react somewhat aggressively towards other male dogs and made him very protective towards the kids. As a result, he bit a mail woman who entered the house while I was in the shower.

I am sure I can find plenty of other things that have gone wrong lately.

Tickets for speeding on the motorway

Friends, family and colleagues getting upset with me due to me being unavailable

Kidney infection and various flu strands that have plagued me

So forth, in a very short time, causing a lot of frustrations, anger, agitations, stress, not to mention the effect is has had on my friends and family.

You might wonder how a seminar could help me out with all of the problems above? In order to find the answer, we need to first look what health is from Ayurvedic point of view.

The Ayurvedic Definition Of Health

Ayurvedic Definition Of Health

The ayurvedic definition of the health is a complete piece of mind. A true emotional bliss, which will help us to cope with stress and negativity in our lives! It can be achieved with the help of understanding our mind, which is a complex  organism, tightly bound with our bodies and therefore all our actions and behavior.

First step is to understand the strong body and mind connection means that every thought impacts our body and every bodily function impacts our mind. The second is the knowledge how to rewire our neural pathways to change our emotional and mental habits to become healthy!

Sattvic Mind To The Rescue


Sattvic Mind

The seminar I attended was a reminder to me about the Ayurvedic program that leads to achieving the sattvic mind, the emotional bliss. It relies on targeted deceptively tricks to change your habits and therefore your life.

The teaching starts with the tale of three animals; elephant, tiger and jackal. They represent the 3 gunas, or qualities; sattva, rajas and tamas.


Elephant is a strong, gentle and highly intelligent giant, who’s diet is purely vegetarian. He represents the calm sattvic mind, one that works well in the human environment. He has heightened creativity and expanded consciouses.

Sattvic Mind

Rajasic nature is represented as tiger, who kills and eats other animals. His nature as a carnivorous makes him aggressive, fierce and angry. His mind is restless and strong, always on the lookout for any dangers.

Rajasic Nature

Tamasic mind is symbolized by the jackal. He is lazy and fearful, but cunning at the same time, prone to activities not good for us; self-sabotage. He shuns daylight and survives on food which is left behind to rot by others. Mind full of tamasic qualities is dull and weak, known to faint or panic in tough situations,

Tamasic Mind

What Is Positive Thinking About Exactly?

In order to achieve the emotional bliss of a sattvic mind, you need to take care of all the aspects of your being. Everyone’s mind consist these three aspects and we need to learn to balance them right.

We need to understand that each aspect is needed, depending on the situations we encounter. For instance if we are involved in a  car crash, we need to be able to react fast and fiercely, to get out the vehicle and help the others.

It is not a moment to panic and withdraw into ourselves. This is a moment when tiger has to take over and deal with the situation, just like when we lived in a world much more filled with dangers today.

But we also need the Sattvic mind, which will help us to remain calm and steady. Taking a moment to analyze the situation, before acting is always best in any situation, in this case how to best help a person stuck in a burning car.

Analytic Mind

Returning back to our normal lives, we need a way to stay calm and happy in our jobs and family lives, surrounded by all the external stress factors.

This means we need to cultivate a mind that is high on sattvic aspects, yet not overwhelming rajas and tamas. As cunningness and fierce actions are parts of problem solving in our daily lives. We also need to be lazy in order to be able to relax and enjoy our lives.

Two Legs Of The Balance

Ayurveda recognizes that there are two legs of balancing the qualities. Ahara, the diet and Vihara, activities and lifestyle.

Ahara – The Diet


The journey starts with nutrition, move towards eating like an elephant.This means:

  • Clean eating with less processed and ready made food, which is full of preservatives, colorants and toxins.
  • Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet and choose biologically grown when ever possible.
  • Reducing our consumptions of meat, slowly changing to a vegetarian diet. For protein favor eggs, butter and yogurt.

Vihara – Activities and Lifestyle


Side Crow

Each an one of us is born with a different balance in our gunas and together with doshas, they define our persona to some extend. However we also face changes by the demands of our environment, often bringing a less favorable aspect to dominance.

We all have the power to chance the amount of these aspects in ourselves and therefore change our personalities. By changing the way we behave, we can bring joy into our lives.

To practice this we need to do the following:

  • Follow some mental exercises to achieve calmness of mind and practice self-love
  • Focus on pleasurable activities that bring us happiness, fulfillment and joy.
  • Accept our natural urges such as yawning, sex drive and hunger. We should strive to learn to control them, without suppressing them.
  • Incorporating gentle exercise in form of walks and yoga into your daily routine.
  • Get more sleep to be more agile of mind
  • Eat moderate amounts of the favorable diet
  • Meditate and use deep relaxation techniques daily to achieve higher self-awareness
  • Practice Yogic breathing, also called Pranayamas for calming the mind
  • Use spices and herbs to balance your energies
  • Be kind and gentle to yourself to reduce negativity towards your being

Stop SignFinally it is important to learn the techniques to recognize the situations when one of the less favorable aspects of your mind is about to take over and stop it from happening before it’s too late.

You can read my previous article about meditation benefits, it deals with how meditation can help you to control anger:

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All the mental problems and illnesses can be relieved or even reversed by following the Ayurvedic path to discovering our unique minds, turning negative thinking into positive and applying some self-care to balance the aspects our mind consist of.

If you want to learn more about how to bring some more happiness into your life, take a look at The Sattvic Mind program. A DVD and online course into the techniques in achieving the Sattvic mind!


Sattvic Mind

Practice Positive Thinking To Overcome Problems

Positive thinking brings you happiness! It helps you to make the best out of every situation and discover all the things in your life worth celebrating.  Being happy in your life is a choice you make like any other, be sure to remember this when go chasing after the bliss!

By adding more sattvic aspect into mind I have been able to see positivity in everything instead of dwelling on my problems. I have once again been reminded what positive thinking is really all about!

To learn more about the practice of positive thinking, read my article about walking meditation method:

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Instead of seeing an overwhelming mountain of issues like the week before, I have instead started to deal with them one at the time, prioritizing things and concentrating on the most important once.

I chose to take care of myself and my children. In the end money and other material things are not as important as me getting healthy is. Concentrating on my children to ensure their growth is a priority!

Join me today in choosing happiness!

With All My Love,