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Ayurvedic Dosha Test – Discover Yourself

Ayurvedic Dosha Test

Have you ever read an Ayurvedic remedy and seen it refer to one of the three dosha types vatta, pita and kapha, wondering which type you might be? Wonder no more, as this Ayurveda dosha test will take you through a discovery of your dosha by asking you simple, multiple choice questions!


In Ayurvedic medicine, the overall health is defined by the dynamics between body, mind and environment.

The doshas, are in fact ayurvedic names for the balance of the elemental substances ether, earth, water, fire and air.

  • Vata consists of air and ether
  • Pitta consists of fire and water
  • Kapha consists of water and earth

According to the ayurvedic concept of doshas, body-mind type, a balance of the 3 doshas results in good physical, emotional and mental health, while imbalances result in diseases, including emotional and mental problems.

You can read more about doshas, how they determine both your physical and mental characteristics and advice how to balance them here:

The 75 questions presented to you in random order concentrate on both your physical, emotional and psychological characteristics.

Some questions might feel intruding, personal and might make you feel uncomfortable. You might also feel that the same question is asked multiple times in different ways.

Do not worry, your ayurvedic dosha test results are for your eyes only.  They will not be stored on the server, only your overall score in each category. You should therefore answer as honestly as possible and base your answers on the 1-5 scale, where

  • 1 represents never/least/no
  • 5 represents always/most/yes

You have to answer all the questions before you will get the results. Any unanswered results will be visible on the overview on the top. If you are unsure of any answer, select 3 (the average).

Make yourself a nice cup of tea, sit down, relax and enjoy the ride.