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Walking Meditation Benefits – Gratefulness

Most of the times I meditate sitting on my meditation pillow or laying on the floor in a dimly lit room, either with soft soothing music, or in complete silence. Sometimes however both my body and mind need something more. Join me discovering the walking meditation benefits!

Join Me in My Walking Meditation

Some days I really struggle to find motivation to continue with it all. Yes, we all know those days;

When we are too tired to even get out of bed

When our bodies hurt so bad that we are wondering how we will ever be able to not to cry

When have so many worries weighing down our minds

When the weather sucks, wind blows and rain makes everything look gray and dark

And when everything we have to accomplish that particular day looks like Mount Everest…

On those days, instead of just walking around like a Zombie, trying to just get through the day, I choose to do something controversial instead. Something that feels like such a chore and I can barely motivate myself to get started, but I know from experience has the power to turn my day completely around and give me a fresh new start.

First I push aside what ever tasks I set out to do that day and dragged myself out of my warm and comfy bed in the early morning hours. Instead I get dressed and drink a quick cup of tea to warm me up from inside, bundle up warm and set out in the cold morning breeze with my dog.

Muffit on the beach

Instead of dwelling on my problems, which has never really resulted into anything good or attempting to drown my sorrows by listening to some of my favorite music, I empty my head of worries.

I set myself a task. In my mind, I write down a list of everything I am grateful for at that very moment. You know the things we all normally take for granted. I let my mind wonder on those thoughts.

I go on until my mind is once again clear and free of doubts. Until I am able to think clear once again. Until there the happiness once again inhabits my heart.

Things I am Grateful For This Morning

This morning was one of those moments. I woke up with thumbing headache, my throat felt like a sandpaper. I could barely open my eye, that’s how swollen my whole face was. My whole body was aching and I felt like it had been driven over by a truck.

But I knew I had so much to do, so I had to get going. My first few steps felt so unsure on my swollen feet, I just wanted to collapse back into the madras and pull the covers over my head.

Instead I headed over to the bathroom, splashed some water over my face, avoiding looking into the mirror. Somehow I managed to put my clothes, even though tying my shoelaces felt like an impossible task as my normally agile body refused to bend down.

Finally I was ready and called for my dog, who had in the meanwhile given up on me ever getting going and had simply fallen back asleep by the stairs.

I walk at brisk pace over the wet fields, into a nearby forest. My dog is running ahead of me chasing birds, enjoying the exercise, sensing I am not in the mood for a play.

I start to feel how my body slowly rids itself of the nervous energy, the frustration of my daily life always charges me with. I continue until I feel the fog lifting from in front of my eyes and the weight on my throat, which was choking me slowly releasing it’s grip.

Once my mind begins t clear, I start with my list,  my reasons to be happy and grateful this particular morning:


How happy my children were last night to greet me at the train station after a week of separation and how their smiles and hugs warmed my heart.

How nice is was to open a fridge and eat something healthy instead of eating in the mediocre business restaurants.

How good it felt to open the door to my atelier and see my half finished painting, just waiting for me to pick up the brush and continue the masterpiece.

How amazing it felt to take a hot bath with my beloved rubber duck and soak my body aching from the travel and the stress.

How tasty my favorite loose Chinese Jasmine tea really is compared to tea bag variants.

How soft my dogs fur felt under my fingers, when he woke me up this morning, excited for me being back and eagerly anticipating his morning walk.

How lovely social media messages and emails are waiting for me from my friends and family and how I can spend my morning answering to them before anyone else wakes up.

How sweet the grapes I planted 10 years ago on my drive way tasted, when I stopped to pick a handful to savor on my way.

How relaxing it is that my whole company has Monday and Tuesday off next week and I can get some well needed relief for my work related stress and do something nice with the kids and concentrate on my blogs.

How wonderful it is that my kids have a holiday next week and they can join me to Poland where I need to do some work next week.

How amazing it will be to celebrate Diwali, the festival of light, tomorrow with some home made floating candles over a lake with all my children, yoga and Hindu friends.

How well the message, ‘My soul is carrier by the power of truth’, I found this morning in my beloved Love Chocks fitted into my mindset.


By the time I come back, the sun has broken through the clouds and it’s rays are gently warming my skin, I am full of energy and ready to start my day. The dog runs inside for a drink and I join him for an other cup of my favorite tea.

I change into my yoga gear, roll my yoga mat out in the garden and perform my Hatha session outside, enjoying the fresh cool morning air.

I always seem to concentrate on one Yoga pose, which particularly speaks to me that particular morning hop over to these guys. This morning it happens to be one of my very favorite, the bow pose, or rather the Dhanurasana.

Why do I love this Asana so, besides the wonderful graceful appearance it gives any body performing it? It has so many wonderful benefits and I have personally witnesses them all!

It has a wonderful strengthening effect on the back and abdominal muscles.

It stimulates the reproductive organs, good tip for ladies out there looking to get pregnant.

It opens up the chest, neck and shoulders helping anyone who suffers from the keyboard syndrome or is feeling tight after traveling.

It also tones and stretches all the leg and arm muscles.

It helps your back to get more flexible, hence reducing back pains.

It is an amazingly good stress and fatigue buster

It is also know to relieve menstrual discomfort and constipation.

It really helps people with kidney disorders by stimulating the endocrine system.

It is one of the top yoga poses in providing relief from headache.


Half way through my teenage daughter joins me without a word, she picks up the rhythm and we work through the poses in wonderful harmony. After finishing up, we eat breakfast together while she chats about her week.

My mind is filled with deep content and I feel a deep smile spreading on my face. I realize I’m stress free first time for days. My headache is gone and thoughts are flowing clear once again, I feel ready for the new challenges of this particular day.

Art By Heart

Afterwards I sit in front of my computer and write down the many wonderful new ideas I have for this blog dealing with art, yoga, meditation, healthy living and travel. Things that I hope anyone will be interested in reading and find some value in.


This means I will write about everything my life consists of and not in any particular order. I want anyone who stumbles across my blog to be able to pick up a particular story or interest, not having to scroll to the beginning.

What I will NOT write here about is my insanely demanding job as a chief technology officer of a start up company, except maybe in comparison to the life style I now actively crave and strive for!

I created this website a month ago eager to get started and yet once I finished creating the framework and the outlines for my blog, I stopped.

So why have I been neglecting my brand new website the last few weeks? After all I was so happy to finally get started! Why has it’s been so difficult to get started writing?

It feels funny because the words normally flow out me and my fingers dance on the keyboard. So I couldn’t understand how come it has been so difficult to write down my stories as creative writing, just like art, normally comes so naturally to me.

I could partially say it was because of my workload and the fair bit of traveling I did the last month. Or the fact that I felt the urge to concentrate on my art. I am sure partially my other, rather technically oriented blog is to blame, as it was much easier to write about something that was not so very personal.

But this morning I realized it was mostly it has been because I really am rather scared of what people think of my posts. I was going lay myself out there, bare my soul and show the flaws of both my body, my art and my life. Accepting criticism has never been my strong side. I will lay my heart out there, please be gentle with it.


I have also always been a perfectionist, so it’s not easy knowing that doesn’t matter how hard I was going to strive for supremacy, I was going to fall short by some people’s standards. My spelling, my grammar, my choice of topics, my chosen pictures and my way of thinking. I would never be able to please everyone.

But this morning I feel ready for the challenge and will take the plunge, jump into the deep with my first finished blog post, with many others to follow.

If you have enjoyed reading my post, I’d love to head from you! If you reply to my post, please reply with what you are grateful for this morning…

As always with love,


Hair Care

P.S. If you are unsure about how to start with yoga or meditation, take a look at my page  Starting Yoga Practice – Beginners Guide