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How To Deal With Depression During Holidays Naturally

Holidays are stressful time even for the ones who’s life is on the perfect track. For the ones, who are suffering from depression, this time of love and happiness is often associate with anxiety and even suicidal thoughts. My article will introduce you into how to deal with depression during holidays using natural methods and techniques. It is dedicated to a friend of mine who suffered from cancer. He passed away 2 years ago on a Christmas Eve to an overdose of painkillers. Nobody knew about his depression and we were therefore unable to help him.

Have you ever felt the anxiety of being in a room full of loved ones happily celebrated and felt completely alone, not being able to catch the festive mood? Let me assure you, you are not alone! Holiday blues is very common!

Or maybe you have just lost a loved one and are facing your first Christmas without this special person. Or maybe this person past away around the holidays, or maybe she or he was essential part of the holiday season and it’s traditions.

You might be facing celebrations alone, having no relatives or friends to share this special time with. Maybe you live far away from your family or you are older and your loved ones have passed away?

My article will teach you 5 powerful ways to learn how to cope with depression during the holiday season. You might try all of them or just pick few, which you find most useful based on my description. However I suggest you give them all some thought for lifting the holiday blues!

1.Exercise and Fresh Air

Going out and doing some exercise, has a wonder effect on lifting the depression. I realize it’s hard to get going, when all you feel like doing is staying in bed all day, but you need to get out!

Exercise produces endorphines, the feel good hormone, in our brain and this feel good hormone will lift the depression in no time. If you are not in a good physical condition, start with walks or perhaps cycling.

Being out and breathing some fresh air also has a wonderful effect in lifting the brain fog, which depression often causes. Therefore I suggest getting out for your exercise session instead of hitting the gym or practicing your sport at home.


Beautiful nature also aids making us feel better, by stimulating our brains visually. Go or a walk in a forest, by the sea shore or a mountain. Find out a beautiful spot somewhere nearby and take a day trip to enjoy the scenery.

Take up yoga! Yoga is a great gentle exercise that teaches the connection of body and mind. You can read my personal recommendations how to get started here:

Starting Yoga Practice – Beginners Guide

You can also read about the benefits of simply doing sun salutations daily in my article:

The Benefits Of Surya Namaska – Yoga Healing

Warrior II Pose

2.Power of Massage

Massage can help to clear depression! Good massage helps to drain the body of toxins and at the same time it also relaxes both the body and the mind, promoting good general health.

You can book a massage, depending on your location and what’s available near to you, consider an Ayurvedic oil massage. They help to strengthen your immune system, help to overcome fatigue and insomnia, which often are caused of depression!


Ayurvedic massage

If you are unable to find a good massage place nearby, there are several self-massage techniques to be performed on various body parts such as face and feet with good massage oil, that can help you to experience the benefits.

I myself love Kansa Wands for the almost magical effect on reliefind depression, due to the healing combination of the kansa metal and the wonderful technique which helps to sooth sore muscles and revive the skin. You can read my review here:

Kansa Wand Reviews – Too Good To Be True

The article also highlights the best tools, the training materials and the oil to be used with this powerful self-massage technique!

3.Meditation and Deep Relaxation

Meditation and deep relaxation are both great ways of clearing up the skies. They will teach you techniques to relax your mind and get better sleep, as depression often causes sleep deprivation as we cannot let go of our depressive thoughts in order to relax and fall asleep.

Meditation has also a lot of other health benefits, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which often are related to depression. Read more about 10 Benefits From Mediation – Ready To Make A Change

Here is my very own deep relaxation meditation. It will take you to the depths of the ocean and join a dive with the blue whales!

If you want to read more about this meditation, please read:

The Guided Deep Relaxation Meditation

it will demonstrate you the correct pose for this meditation and also give you some back ground information on this technique and it’s benefits.

4.Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy is a very powerful way of relieving depression.  The essential oils have a subtle, yet extremely powerful influence on our mind and body via our sense of smell.


Aroma therapy can be enjoyed in many different forms, four most commonly know, all with wonderful benefits, are:

  1. Aroma therapy massage – you or a therapist use a massage oil mixed with essential oils to massage various parts of your body. Most common treatments concentrate on the face and the back.
  2. Aroma therapy candles – Make sure to select one with a natural scent as a lot of the scented candles are not produced with essential oils. Safe bets are scents of spices and citrus. As an additional benefit, candles also help to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  3. Aroma therapy bath – a very effective way to let the essential oils to seep into your body via your skin.
  4. Aroma therapy inhalation – three main techniques are used to release the scent of he oils in to the air:
    1. Burner – a candle is used to apply heat to a ceramic dish which contains a mixture of water and essential oil, releasing the scent into the air.
    2. Infuser – mixes water and essential oil and releases it into the air with water vapor, changing the atmosphere of your home.
    3. Inhaling infuser – uses the same strategy as normal infuser, but contains a part where you enter your face and inhale the water vapor intensively for a certain amount of time. This also doubles as a facial sauna and gives you the relaxing benefit of the heat.
    4. Diffuser – speads the aroma into the air. Read about the best aromatherapy diffusers here: What Is The Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Like?

Aroma Bath

I can wholeheartedly recommend this as we humans often associate certain scents with memories. Remember the scent of Christmas from your childhood? Smell of food and freshly baked cookies or mulled wine? The tree, when it was first brought into the house?

Find some memory about a scent that makes you happy and then search for something with that particular odor. You will not even realize how fast it will lift your moods!

Read more about aromatherapy in my article:

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Dinner table

5.Choose Happiness

This might sounds like a strange advice to someone who is suffering from depression! However what we must realize is the fact that dwelling in our misery will only serve to make things worse.

Cozy up in front of a fire with a good book or take a relaxing bath! Pamper yourself to a facial treatment or manicure.



There are several positive thinking techniques to learn to deal with negativity and turn things around even during the darkest times. I have a separate article that deals with the fact that happiness really is a choice we must do every day.

I tell my own personal story, how my cancer treatments, combined with a lot of bad luck, got me down to a very dark place and how I was able to overcome it:

What Is Positive Thinking About – Sattvic Mind

My Loving Advice

Spending time with rejoicing family and friends can sounds a chore to someone who is suffering from depression, but by surrounding yourself with people who love you, can help you feel better.

Open up to someone you trust and let them know about your problems, do not suffer in silence. If you feel you cannot talk to someone you know well, which can perhaps feel intimidating, there are several phone lines and centers setup for the holiday season.

Phone Call

If you are alone during the holidays, there are places where you go attend celebrations together with others in the same situation.  The intention is to bring people together not only for the special occasions, but to form friendships that will help you on the long term.

As these are local, I cannot give you a particular service, you you can easily look them up online or in your local news paper. These services are strictly confidential and free, often staffed by volunteers who have been suffering from depression one time in their lives themselves, so they will easily be able to relate to your story.

I hope you follow me advice, because if you do, I guarantee you will get through the holiday season without anxiety and stress which will only deepen your depression.

I would love you hear the thoughts of everyone who either themselves are suffering from depression or know someone who is. I am here for you in case you need someone to talk to! I have been down that road myself many times and will happily share my experiences in overcoming the dark clouds.


Comforting Hug

Sending You All A Comforting Hug and Love,


Aromatherapy Infuser

P.S. If you want to lift your moods fast, take a look at the Ayurveda aroma experience 

It’s my family’s favorite way to enjoy the benefits of aroma therapy in my home.