Pollen Allergy Remedies

Pollen Allergy Remedies That Really Work Fast

Are you looking for pollen allergy remedies that really work and fast? Are you suffering from pollen allergies and are the symptoms making your life a misery every  spring? This article will introduce you to ayurvedic home pollen allergy remedies that work providing fast relief for allergy sufferers.

Are you suffering from headaches, runny nose, swollen eyes and itchy throat? The chances are that you have pollen allergies and they make your life a misery as soon as the trees and flowers start to bloom.

Antihistamines are the most common over the counter medication and they work by calming your body’s immune system reactions against allergens, such as tree pollen. They however tend to make you drowsy, give you rash and even cause weight gain.

Ayurvedic medicine has several allergy remedies that work fast, are safe even for small children and pregnant ladies and have no side effects.

Natural Pollen Allergy Remedies

Our immune system can effectively fight toxins, bacteria and viruses which are a threat to our health. That is if it’s working optimally, when out of balance, it can react too strongly to some environmental substances, such as tree pollen, animal dust or mold.

This reaction wil cause our body to act wanting to get rid of what it recognises as a threat to our health, causing an allergic reaction due to the excessive release of histamine chemical. Histamine in it’s turn can cause sneezing,  nasal congestion, coughing, watery eyes, eczema flare and lead to more serious things such as asthma attacks.


nettlesNettle is often considered as a weed, but it really is a wonderful herb, which many amazing prooven anti-inflammatory properties. It also strengthens our immune system in general.

A tea or tincture made from it’s leafs reliefs the allergy symptoms of watery and itchy eyes, sneezing and runny nose. You can also make a soup out of it or use in many dishes instead of spinach. However nettles are best not eaten raw due to their sting!

For any type of remedy, you can use the nettle leaves either fresh or air dry them. Only collect young leaves at spring before the plants flower.

HOT TIP! If your eyes are itching and watering badly, you can wash them out with small amounts of fresh milk, which will ease the redness and itchiness almost immediately.


peppermint essential oilPeppermint has many wonderful abilities and can be used as a tea, essential oil or a tincture. It contains flavonoids that inhibit the activity of anti-inflammatory enzymes, such as histamines and therefore reduce the allergy symptoms.

You can use it as a tea, drink as tincture or diffuse in an aromatherapy diffuser. It is especially effective for astma and nose and airways congestions when used with a water vapour diffuser.
For more information you can read my article about different types of diffusers and find one that suites your needs best.
HOT TIP! You can combine both fresh or dried nettle and peppermint leaves together in a tea, which you should drink three times a day with a spoonful of organic raw honey.

Bee Pollen

Honey Bees

Just like raw organic honey, bee pollen is made my our little busy friends! But I am allergic to pollen you might say, it will make my symptoms worse. Actually in small doses over longer time, it teaches your immune system to get used to and handle the pollen.

Pollen is therefore more a long term remedy or a preventative measure, as you build resistance slowly during the winter and the spring before the pollen season starts. Buy an organic variety and add in small doses looking for any signs of allergic reaction.

Just like honey, this remedy is not recommended for infants. Also do not try this remedy if you have bee allergy or experience severe astma attacks as a result to pollen exposure.

Please also exercise caution with honey and bee pollen if you are nursing, as they can cause reactions in infants. Look for any signs of allergy symptoms and particularly rashes.

HOT TIP! You can mix the pollen into warm milk with a spoon full of honey and drink it in the evening before going to bed. It will double as a powerful sleeping remedy. In the morning you can mix some into your serial or yogurt.

Onion Juice

red onions

Onions are full of powerful antioxidant quercetin, which helps to calm many allergic reactions and also reliefs chronic inflammatory problems such as asthma.

Quercetin also neutralises free radicals, which cause cell damage and therefore it strengthens histamine releasing cells in our body. It is absorbed into the blood stream and provide long term protection for allergies.

Red onions work best for this recipe, as they contain higher quantities of this antioxidant. They are also generally milder and have less strong taste than yellow onions.

You can consume onions in foods, but the best benefits are achieve, when they are eaten raw, although many people prefer not to do this due to their sharp taste.

HOT TIP! Best ways to consume raw onion are as pressed juice or water infused with raw cut onions over night in the fridge.


Pollen Allergy Remedies

Apples are one of natures gifts to the mankind! There is much truth to the old saying:

Apple a day, keeps a doctor at bay!

They contain pectin and vitamin C, which is very good for the immune system, making them one of the best pollen allergy remedies. You can eat them any way you want, raw, juiced or even baked into a delicious pie.

But did you know can also make a delicious tea out of their flowers! You can use either fresh or air dried flowers. You can also try out my delicious apple cinnamon infused water.

HOT TIP! Add a slice of lemon in your apple tea for extra dose of vitamin C or try my lime and ginger infused water.

My Loving Advice

From ayurvedic point of view the sudden high amount of allergens imbalance the doshas. This causes the weakening of the digestive fire agni. We need  to bring the doshas back into balance, which in turn strengthen the agni.

The above remedies are tested over the years in my family, as both of my children were born with bad pollen allergies. Over the years I tested one home remedy after an other, until we got to the point where my children barely notice the allergy season anymore.

I hope you have enjoyed my article pollen allergy remedies and they will help you to get a fast relief for your symptoms. If you have any questions about remedies, have allergies or have your own suggestions, leave me a comment below.

 Love and Health,


21 thoughts on “Pollen Allergy Remedies That Really Work Fast”

  1. Th the older I get, the more I am bothered every spring by pollen allergies. It has gotten to the point that I wake up every morning feeling horrible. I am a god tea drinker so I am excited to try your nettles and peppermint suggestion. I also will be trying your apple and cinnamon infused water idea. Lately, I wake with a sore throat almost every morning. Any suggestions for this?

    1. I think the best think would actually to take a table spoonful of raw pressed honey in the morning and in the evening. I know it sounds counterproductive for someone with pollen allergy, but honey has small amounts of pollen and helps to build up a healthy resistance.

  2. Nice content, nettles and peppermint sure works for me 🙂 I have it in the smoothies in the morning! <3 (dried),

    1. Hi Hanna, I am happy you agree with me about the effectiveness of nettles and peppermint. It is also my choice of all the pollen allergy remedies.

  3. Good Day!

    I was wondering why I never have allergies the other day and now after reading your article, I can see that it is the red onions. Or at least that’s what I’m going to claim.

    We eat red onion in almost every meal. I still like my plain yellow and white onions from time to time but my wife loves the red ones. Happy wife happy life I guess.

    Is there a certain type of apple that works best as an allergy remedy? We eat a lot of Granny Smith apples so I’m sure that helps too. I Absolutely love infused water recipes and while I have tried apples in my water (which I didn’t care for) I have not tried apple cinnamon.

    I will give that a shot thanks for the idea!


    1. Hi David, red onions are very good and luckily they are very popular in recipes. All apples work as they all contain pectin and the other goodies, but in different quantities. I always eat different varieties to make sure I don’t miss out on anything. Apples and cinnamon infused water is an absolutely amazing drink, my favourite!

  4. Peppermint is my favourite! I love a good pep tea and it’s one of my most used oils in my diffuser but I had no idea it was so great for the asthma sufferer in my house. He’s a cat, so I have to be careful about how I manage his allergies – obviously over the counter pharmacy medicines are not appropriate, so I’m looking for natural remedies and your site is full of great information – I will be back! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Shirley, peppermint is extremely efficient against many health problems, such as allergies and asthma! It is also very good and safe medications that can be used on small children and pets alike!

  5. I suffer from a lot of allergies, I won’t stop taking my medication, I take it just before I go to bed and it helps me go to sleep, but, I will also try out your remedies on top, especially the nettle one.

    1. Hi Jennifer, it’s a good idea to keep taking your medication until you see the natural pollen allergy remedies to work. The nettle and peppermint tea is very effective.

    1. Hi Marina, all apples are fine, they just contain things in different quantities, in fact it will be best to eat a variety of different types. Raw apples are the best, but pectin is still present in cooked apples, so you will benefit from them.

  6. You have given me som really good remedies for pollen allergy. Thanks. For someone who just moved into a new place with a garden and as someone who in the past has allergies, this article may come in handy. I hope I don’t have to suffer this year like all the other years. Thanks for your passion to share this. Love it

  7. Hi there, I take so many antihistamines during the allergy season that I feel like a zombie all day long. Would you recommend that I stop with the medication right away after I start using the natural remedies?

    1. Hi Nicke, I think that a gradual approach is better, especially because your allergies are so bad. I would also not use the bee pollen at all. Start taking the remedies which I described and a week later lessen your medication by fourth. Do this for four weeks and hopefully you will be allergy free.

  8. Terrific work! My children normally suffer from allergies and I have been given them some bee pollen since December by using the gradual approach you describe this year and the symptoms are much less than other years! I will try to introduce the nettle and peppermint tea to them with some honey for sweetness. Keep up your awesome natural healing articles. XXX

    1. Hi Nena,
      Happy to know that bee pollen has helped your children to suffer less from allergies! The tea has rather pleasant flavour, so I hope they get used to it fast 🙂

    1. Hi Marisol, the same remedies as for pollen allergies! I would also make sure that you de-clutter your bedroom, keep the humidity low, wash your bedding every week, dust and vacuum your bedroom regularly!

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