4 thoughts on “Kansa Wand Reviews”

  1. I will suggested this web site to my cousin. She has been looking for a reliable review about Kansa wands and this is it.You’re amazing, so much experience in ayurvedic healing! Thanks!

    1. Hi Laree,
      I am happy you found my review trustworthy and useful. I will be happy to help your your cousin with any of her questions.

  2. Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article post into the benefits of kansa wand. I have been using it for my face now for 2 months and thinking of buying also the body wand. My skin gets really oily easily though. Is it OK to use a massage cream instead of oil for my face? They tend to be better for my skin! Many thanks again.

    1. Hi Nakia,
      Im happy to know that you have been experiencing the benefits of kansa wand in first hand! The kansa facial massage is such a wonderful way of staying young. It is absolutely OK to use a skin cream instead of oil.

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