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How To Do Yoga and Meditation Anywhere is your own personal yoga studio, open 24 hours a day. A collective of students and teachers, YDL boasts a 100,000+ membership base, and offers exclusive access to world-renowned teachers, which will teach you how to do yoga and meditation anywhere you desire! Our library of audio/video yoga and meditation classes are available for both download and streaming, via four different membership packages.

I don’t often recommend a product or service on my blog, but when I do it’s simply because it deserves one. This is one of those times I am going to make an exception to the rule, based on my own wonderful experience with this program.

What does Yoga Download offer?

I have plenty of customers, who like me have a very busy lifestyle and want to keep up with their advanced yoga and meditation practice on the road.

I recommend that they get a yearly elite yoga subscription at Yoga Download. It allows them an unlimited access to all the yoga and meditation download of videos and audios, together with live yoga and meditation classes, theme workshops and music for yoga practice.

This site simply has it all, their classes are starting from yoga and meditation for beginners to ones dealing with specific health problems, weight loss and pregnancies.

My clients have had specially good results with their program for helping people with back pain. Yoga For Back Pain  introduces you to the ways yoga can help you to regain normal posture and rid yourself of aches and cramps.

Find the Perfect Style of Yoga for You allows beginners to explore different types and yoga styles in order to find the one that best suites their physique and needs. I often use this class when my students are doubting if Hatha, kundalini yoga and meditation, Vinyasa flow yoga sequences or Ashtanga yoga practice and philosophy would best fit their needs.

Their yoga program also includes a lot of advanced yoga videos. For people with busy lifestyle  I would like to highlight gems such as:

Dana Damara Yoga Class – Be Still and Reflect: Evening Yoga – An Amazing way to quiet down after a busy day

From Frustration to Focus online yoga class with Dia Draper – A 5 minute session that will help your to focus at work.

What Sets Yoga Download Aside From Other Online Yoga Programs?

I also really recommend participating in their special programs and challenges such as Beginner’s Journey, 14 day Class Yoga Program.

camel asanaHowever my absolute favorite is the 7- Day Heart Opening Program which was in fact my first program on this site. It includes both daily yoga classes and meditation sessions that will release tightness and tension in your chest area and increasing the flow of energy into your heart chakra, making you feel lighter, happier, and more open to receiving the love that surrounds you. I follow this program over and over again and have dubbed it: My Honeymoon With Yoga And Meditation.

Have you always wanted to become a yoga teacher, but was not able to spend the time or the money to do so? Yoga Download has developed their own Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification!

This a unique set of courses specially planned to take you from student to teacher. I have followed this training myself by the request of my students and can testify it follows the same structure as the classroom led teaching methods and gives you the knowledge in:

  1. Anatomy and Alignment
  2. Vinyasa, Sequencing & The Subtle Body
  3. The Art of Adjustment
  4. Teaching Techniques, Building Business & Being a Professional
  5. Philosophy, History and Theming
  6. Meditation, Myths and Mantras
  7. Final Teacher Culmination

At $1495 this training is amazing value, as for a classroom led trainings you have to shell out up to $5000, without the transportation and board.

The courses can also be purchased one module at the time, in case you are not able to make the initial investment for the whole amount.

My Personal Favorite Yoga Download Content

Besides their video content, presented by many different instructors, I am especially in love with their audio classes.

YogaDownload ProgramThese amazing podcasts allow you to take your yoga practice truly anywhere, all you need is a smart phone or mp3 player.

I personally hate doing yoga inside and getting to classes  can be a real challenge with a busy lifestyle and remote location. When I’m home, I do yoga outside in my garden, when I am on the road, I do yoga anywhere where the inspiration strikes me!

Tell me, would you prefer to do yoga at the beach, while the waves gently caress you, or perhaps int he park, in the shade of your favorite tree? Sit an mediate on the mountain top or perhaps at the busy airport while waiting for your flight? This is my favorite meditation to listen to in a forest:  Loving Kindness Meditation to Open the Heart.

Yoga Gift Cards For Every Occasion

One of the nicest marketing strategies they have is the ability of buying someone a gift certificate to their online yoga classes! I have used this on numerous occasions for family members and friends. Every time it was received with the same delight and excitement!

Yogadownload Gift CertificateImagine what a wonderful gift it would make for bride to be to get in shape for the wedding or someone who has just had a baby to get rid of the extra kilos gained during the pregnancy without embarrassing her by talking about it directly.

Or just a hand your girl friend a beautiful gift card at Christmas instead of starting yet an other argument about all the burritos she is drowning. Is your husband sprouting  a beer belly? How about you purchase a gift that will help you to bond and get started with yoga together with you in the comfort of your home.

They pricing is either by package or monthly/yearly subscription. The yearly subscription is of exceptional value, costing only $99, the monthly ones start from $10.

YDL occasionally have discounted offers for yearly subscriptions, for Earth day and other special events, but their bestseller is the ongoing 50% off promotion on monthly elite yoga subscriptions. 50% Off Monthly Elite Online Yoga Packages

I cannot recommend Yoga Download enough and will continue to offer the benefits it offers and suggest it my clients for the times when they are unable to attend my classes!

You can read more about the beginnings of yoga in my own articles Starting Yoga Practise, Yoga Sutras and Surya Namaskar.

As always with love,


28 thoughts on “How To Do Yoga and Meditation Anywhere”

  1. Hey very cool post. I really like some of the wording you are using, such as ‘My personal honeymoon with yoga’. Just awesome! I have subscribed for yogadownload and simply love the audio courses, I just meditated by the lake and it was the best meditation for long time.

  2. I think this is really a great idea! I often get so annoyed that I sigh up for yoga lessons at a nearby studio, but am unable attend, because something always come up. Kids are sick, I need to take the dog to a vet or my husband is travelling. I have been practising yoga at home, but it feels so demotivating on my own. I think this program might be the solution.

    1. Hi Marina, I understand those problems! Yoga Download will certainly help you to practise at home in way which motives and encourages you to carry on.

  3. I really loved your article: How to do yoga and meditation anywhere. I took a close look at those yoga and meditation videos that you recommended and found them fantastic. Thank you so much for pointing me to a credible online yoga videos. I especially like their themed course and look forward to advance enough with my yoga to take part.

    1. Hi Greg,
      thank you for your lovely comment. YDL really is a fantastic site that will teach you yoga and will follow your progress all the way from the beginner to advanced.

  4. Hello, I wanted to tell you that I took a look at yoga download and they really seem to have a great collection of courses. I especially like the fact that they have themed courses for more advanced yogins. I really like Ben Davis after having the pleasure to once attend his class in person and will be signing up for some of his online courses via this program.

    1. Hi David,
      Yes, their content and variety is really great. You are lucky, I have never met him in person, but he gives wonderful online classes. Enjoy!

  5. Hello again Art By Hart

    I am 65 and have some problems with my health. I am diabetic and I have under-functioning thyroid gland. Now I am looking some method to get myself in better condition. I am wondering if I beginning with yoga can help me. Is it expensive to take some private courses? Is it hard to learn and practice yoga? Do you have any yoga courses in Finland?

    With Love Inka

    1. Hi Inka, the age and neither of the illnesses prevent you from starting with yoga! In fact regular Yoga practice will stimulate healthy hormone production and balance blood sugar levels!
      Yoga is definitely a way to go. Taking private lessons is recommended to get started and they do get to be expensive. However after you have established a routine, which will take few sessions, you can start practicing with the help of online program such as the Beginner’s Journey, 14 day Class Yoga Progra
      I will let you know next time I am coming to Finland and will give you few private lessons to get you started correctly and safely 🙂

  6. Thanks for the review on this great site! I have been thinking about doing Yoga. I am glad that they have great options for beginners starting from scratch. What program do you suggest for a beginner that has never done yoga before and isn’t very flexible to start out with?

  7. Hi there Hanna,
    I’ve enjoyed reading this, as well as your whole site. I hope to see more of these “exceptions to the rule”.
    These online courses are definitely a new 21st century twist on yoga and meditation.
    It’s great to see lots of people getting taking it up. We need to slow down in these fast times!
    My mother does yoga, and I have grown up with it and have practiced a little myself since the 1970s.
    These subscriptions would be great holiday gift ideas for others looking to get started.
    Thanks for sharing. I will peek in often!
    – Oren

    1. Hi Oren 🙂 Thank you for dropping by and leaving me your lovely feedback. My grandmother always said:

      The days you want to go faster, slow down so you don’t miss something in your hurry!

      Indeed, the gift cards are wonderful way of making someone happy this holiday season!

  8. Great review. My favourite class from them is “Become the CEO of Your Mind”. I like that their content is always updated and that they also have Barre classes (as my local studio stopped providing these).

    You mentioned that you took the teacher training classes online…did you ever have a problem being taken “seriously” by studio owners when they were hiring you? I imagine that some studio owners might not consider someone qualified if they trained with online classes. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      thank you for your feedback. I am happy you also found them good. I will lookup your favorite class for sure.

      I was already a qualified E-RYT500, RCYT and RPYT before I ordered the online teacher course. I only took the course modules out of a request of one of my clients, who was wondering how it compared to the classroom training.

      I have however heard of several people who have done their online training and have started a successful yoga teachers career afterwards.

  9. Hi Mira,
    This was a good article, very informative. I’ve never heard of Yoga Download, this must be a relatively new one. I really enjoyed reading it. It sounded like it had something for everyone, no matter what their skill level was. Thanks so much for the insight.

    1. Hi Mary!
      Absolutely, Yoga Online is really popular with both beginners and more advanced yoginis, which is rather rare as it’s hard to find advanced Yoga courses online. I simply love their program myself, so it’s easy to recommend to others!

  10. Hello there, I also have a question about the beginners program. Can you recommend it to someone who has never done yoga before?

    1. Hi Terry,
      Absolutely! The beginners program is an excellent place to start. They ease you into Yoga in a very gentle and enlightening way.

  11. Hi Hanna, is this the program you told me about last time? I took a look at some of the previews, looks great! I also want something I am use outside and on the go. Great idea for Christmas gift also!

    1. Hi there Mariana,
      Indeed it is the one I often use to guide my mediation outside. It is an amazing Christmas gift idea! Thanks for reading my review 🙂

  12. Hello ArtByHeart, the teacher training looks really exciting. I am not so worried about the costs, but I can never find enough time to go somewhere for 4 weeks. I really think their approach is unique!
    Your website is amazing, I am looking forward to other things you can personally recommend. Do you have a subscribe list?

    1. Hi Belle! Thank you very much for your compliments! Yes, their approach really is unique, I can whole heartedly recommend them. I have a subscribers list and have added you to it 🙂

  13. I have been looking for quality yoga audio and meditation courses for ever. This is truly wonderful, I have just ordered my first month subscription! Thank you so much for the heart felt review.

    1. Hello Dianosys, I am happy you have found what you were looking for based on your review 🙂
      P.S. Love your hair!

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