Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts

Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts That Shine

You ended up on this page, because you are looking for gifts for someone who is living a healthy lifestyle. Maybe it’s your spouse or an other family member or perhaps a good friend! You will surely find it in my collection of health and fitness Christmas gifts!

You want to buy a gift to someone who simply loves everything healthy. They do sports, not only one kind, but you see them trying everything from Yoga and Pilates to spinning, or they might even participate in triathlons! They all have one thing in common and that is they just can’t get enough of healthy food and cooks everything fresh from bio ingredients, in fact going eating out with them is a nightmare!

You understand that they wants to keep up the healthy lifestyle and appreciate what it does for their looks and health, but even though you love healthy living too, you are not at the same level.

What comes to gifts, you simply have no clue what to give! They certainly have all the sports clothing and equipment they can possibly desire and membership to the best gym.

Mission impossible, you are thinking, right? Not so, I have just the perfect something! Why not give them the gift of ancient health and beauty? Ayurveda is the answer to their prayers and below you can find my top 3 picks!

1. Organifi Green Juice $57.95 

Would you agree that healthy nutrition is very important for those living a healthy lifestyle? I bet their cupboard is full of all kind of nutrients and superfoods!

Organifi Green Juice

But you want to she them there is an easier way than taking all those different supplements. There is no better general supplement than the certified organic green juice superfood supplement from Organifi. This amazing product will help the body to detoxify, loose unattractive belly fat and the amazing nutrient it contains improving the overall health fast!

This superfood tastes amazing and helps the body to get all the nutrients it needs in a simple and no hassle way! It’s a real time saver and replaces all the hunting for ingredients and the messy juicing.

Take a look at this video, which explains you how this amazing product works redusing belly fat! Organifi Green Juice Video

2. Ayurveda Aroma Experience $162.80 $198.60

Aromas have a subtle, yet extremely powerful influence on our mind and body. The vapor of essential oils stimulates our brain, it connects to the area that controls emotions, desires and memories, this is why we often associate a certain memory or a person with a scent.

The aromas are distilled directly from plants and combined with an oil base, creating what is called the essential oil. Fragrances will have a calming, relaxing, energizing or soothing effect on you. They can help you to fall sleep, or wake up you up gently.

Wonderful health benefits of these fragrances help regulate hormone levels completely naturally.

Aromatherapy Wonderful health benefits of these fragrances help regulate hormone levels completely naturally.

This pack contains an aroma diffuser, replacement pads and delightful essential oils collection including blissful heart aroma oil, slumber time aroma oil and worry free aroma oil.

If you want something that also doubles as a centre piece, take a look at these wonderful handmade nebulizing diffusers.

HOT TIP! Add to this gift a book:
Ayurveda & Aromatherapy: The Earth Essential Guide to Ancient Wisdom and Modern Healing

They can learn more about aromatherapy and it’s healing powers! They are for ure interested to know everything about natural ways of healthy living and you know it!

The Christmas offer is simply amazing offer with 20% REDUCTION in price.

3. Ayurveda & The Paleo Diet – DVD Set $67

 I bet they has tried every health diet there is, they want to keep their weight is check as they are well aware of the consequences of overweight and excess body fat!
Why not give them this DVD set with unique way of combining Ayurveda and Paleo diets! They will simply love the way of eating it introduces!

Ayurvedic Paleo DietAyurveda and the Paleo Diet shows you sustainable, long-term solution to a super healthy life. 

The Paleovedic Diet shares health-promoting secrets of long-lived societies.

  • It addresses the questions about nutrition and dispels myths about grains and gluten, protein, good and bad fats, and exactly which fruits and vegetables to eat.
  • It includes an impressive evidence-based review of spices, which are an incredible source of nutrients, phytochemicals and other healing compounds.
  • Additionally, it discusses the importance of a daily routine, intermittent fasting, physical activity, optimal sleep, stress reduction, and balance of your mind-body connection.

Just watch this short movie, which explains how Ayurvedic paleo diets work! I bet you can hear it speak to any health freak loud and clear!

HOT TIP! Why not get together with relatives and friends and buy them all the items on my list? The effective combination of knowledge and Ayurveda herbal products will make her healthy life style even better one.

They will be exited and thank you for your thoughtful gift and for sure cannot stop telling all their friends about the wonderful gift you gave. They will find some lovely ways to thank you all for sure!

Love and Light,


8 thoughts on “Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts That Shine”

  1. Hello ArtByHeart,
    thank you very much for this post. I was searching for a birthday present for my girlfriend and it is really like you said. She has it all, from inscriptions in the gym, the best workout gear including shoes. All of that wouldn´t be something new. If I make her gift an experience, that would really surprise her and she will remember that when she thinks back. Nice idea! I will go for the Ayurveda Aroma Experience, I am sure she will love it. I am thinking about the tea blends also, but at the moment I want the Aroma Experience for her.
    Thank you so much for the tip.

    1. Hi Simon 🙂 I am very happy I could help! I have given the aroma experience to a lot of my friends as a present and not one has even been disappointed, she will love it for sure.

  2. Hai, I have 1 question I would like to give my wife Ayurveda & The Paleo Diet – DVD Set $67 since he keeps talking about diet but is this rude for me to give my wife Ayurveda & The Paleo Diet – DVD Set $67 because this basically means that I say to her that she fat. Please let me know before i buy for my wife.

  3. Wow, it was like you were talking about me! I love Ayurvedic medicine and would totally LOVE to receive the Ayurveda Aroma Experience!

    I actually lived in Fairfield Iowa and still visit there regularly. The Maharishi University it located in Fairfield so there is a strong Ayurvedic culture.

    I truly enjoyed reading you post and will have to suggest to my husband that he reads it 😉 I think he will get the hint about what I want for Christmas!

    Thanks again,


    1. Hi Joy! Ayurveda really is a key to healthy and happy life. I hope your husband takes the hint, the scents are such an important part of our lives and we rarely think of it. I use this device every day and it has a great influence in the moods of the whole family!
      BTW, I really love your blog , your take on the election is so true!

  4. Hello Mira,
    Your post is very helpful, especially for people who are looking for thing to improve their fitness journey.

    Yoga is a great area, where people can connect mind and body.
    I didn’t know about the aroma and their function in the body, it’s amazing how the body can respond to different stimulus.

    The Paleo diet DVD is very important, because everyday people want to know more about how to eat and what to eat, and the quality of macro nutrients.

    I would suggest you to take a look to the book “Paleo Diet” by Roob Wolf, probably you want to do a review about it :).

    Great post, thanks for share.

    1. Hi Giancarlos! Thank you very much for dropping by and leaving your insightful comment! Yes, scents have such a huge influence in us and yet so many people fail to think about it when trying to create a certain athmosphere! In my opinion, ability to smell is simply the most underrated of our senses 🙂
      I know the book, it’s interesting reading, but I don’t believe Paleo diets alone are good for humans on the long run. This is why I believe Paleovedic diet is the way to go.

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