Christmas Gifts For Women Who Have Everything

Christmas Gifts For Women Who Have Everything

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You have ended up here because you have identified the woman you want to buy a gift for as woman who has everything. Now let’s get to work in finding the perfect gift for her.

You have and everyone else around her adore her and love her. You want to pamper her and give her gifts she will remember. She already has all the things imaginable so spending the money is not the key here, the thought behind the key is.

You want to give her something unique, something that says: I love you the way you are, louder than any necklace or luxury holiday will.

My top 3 Christmas gift ideas for women who have everything this year are:

1. Sauna

I bet she loves to be pampered? Infrared sauna offers both beauty and health benefits like no other, not only to her, but to you both!

This infrared sauna cabin is stylish, easy to install anywhere and fits 4 people. It means she can enjoy this in the privacy of your home together with her friends instead at the fitness club discover this info here.

Infrared Corned Sauna

Infrared Sauna

The sauna will benefit her skin, by improving blood circulation and cleansing the skin, by opening the pores and getting rid of impurities. The gentle heat will multiply the effectiveness of facial and hair masks.

Sauna is also really good for general health, because besides the increased blood circulation, it relaxed both the body and the mind. Additionally it increases white blood cell production strengthening the immune system that guards us against illnesses!

Besides, sauna also relaxes sore muscles and helps to eliminate metabolic waste via sweating, hence helping to recover from sports sessions.

She will love this youth giving gift for years to come and will absolutely adore you for it. You will both benefit from spending time together relaxing!

2. The Sattvic Mind – DVD Set

This is my top pick for woman who has everything. She has the luxury of time to concentrate on herself and self-improvement, which this program will offer.

Sattvic Mind

Ayurveda is full of secrets for everlasting beauty and wellness. Many of the methods and herbs mentioned on the book and the Satvic Mind video are available  on this amazing website: Ayurveda Experience, which also has an amazing amount of beauty and care products, which she will simply love, so be sure to browse around!

She will love the incredible feeling that follows from understanding how body and mind are connected in creating a peaceful and happy mindset. You can read more about this wonderful program here in my article

What Is Positive Thinking About – Sattvic Mind

3. Luxury Yoga Retreat

Weather she is already into yoga or just interested in getting started, yoga retreat really is the best way to do this! Besides she will get some time to relax and really concentrate on herself.

Yoga Retreats has the largest selection available from any online yoga travel site. Most yoga retreats are now advertising their services via this great platform!

Meditate Yoga Retreat

The platform is easy to use and can make her selection by destination she is interested in, dates, yoga style she is interested in, or by a type of holiday! In this case I suggest that you select the luxury section.

Luxury yoga retreats are yoga holidays with amazing facilities to spoil yourself with! She is going to be amazed by great accommodations in beach resorts, villas, or 5-star hotels.

The locations vary from cosmopolitan centers such as Sidney and London to exotic Morocco and Zanzibar, not to speak of the luxurious Bali.

Yoga on the Atlas Mountains

There are many optional activities as well. She can practice in a spacious shala, rejuvenate with a Ayurvedic spa treatment, or learn to surf on a private beach. The list of things to do is endless and relaxation is guaranteed.

She can expect total pampering and she will return rejuvenated with a new  hobby, which will give her a lot of benefits for the years to come.

Why not give her all three? She will enjoy your thoughtfulness and let herself indulge in spree of self-care. You can be sure she will find ways to thank you!

Love and Light,


2 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts For Women Who Have Everything”

  1. I love these ideas. I was browsing your website and although I’m not looking for Christmas gift, I was trusted to find a perfect birthday gift for my mum! She has absolutely everything, but will for sure love the yoga and meditation retreat. She deserves to get away from it all and get pampered. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Jamina,
      You are very welcome. I am sure your mum will enjoy the yoga and meditation retreat, there are many wonderful ones to choose from!

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