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What Is The Best Oil For Hair Growth

Are you looking for ways to make your hair grow fast and strong? The chances are that you have read about the benefit of natural hair oils and are wondering what is the best oil for hair growth? This article will introduce you to two ayurvedic hair oils for different hair types each with its own benefits.

Aren’t you jealous of Indian women for their wonderful long, shiny and healthy hair? I know I am!

Would you like to know their secret? I will tell you, but only if you promise to keep it a secret. *wink* In fact it has several parts:

  • Healthy diet
  • Good hair care regime
  • Natural, silicone free shampoo and conditioner
  • Nourishing hair oils

Healthy Diet For Hair Growth

Healthy diet, rich in fatty acids and helps to nourish the hair follicles from within. It contains key ingredients such as:

  • avocado
  • coconut
  • nuts and almonds
  • fatty fishes such as salmon and mackerel.

Vitamin C is also ingredient for promoting cell growth and it can be easily obtained from fruit and berries.

Vitamin E is also needed for hair health. It can acquired from:

  • Almonds and raw seeds
  • Swiss chard
  • Mustard greens
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Extra virgin olive oil


You can read more how healthy diet helps to maintain beautiful and shiny hair here.

Proper Hair Care Promotes Hair  Growth

Besides hair oil, it’s important that you use the right natural products, free of chemicals, to wash and condition your hair, in order to prevent to promote ideal conditions for hair growth and protect hair breakage, loss and frizz.

This means you need to deeply moisturise and nourish the hair, protecting it from the effects of pollution, chemicals and sun. Excessive washing and styling with heat also damages hair greatly.

Excessive Hair Washing

Discover the all natural Ayurvedic hair care products here:

Best Natural Hair Products For All Hair Types

Ayurvedic Hair Oils

These amazing oils are based on ancient mixture of therapeutic organic essential oils made from herbs. They stimulates and vitalise the scalp and in the process restore the vigour to the hair follicles preventing hair loss and dandruff, premature greying and and the same time encouraging healthy new hair growth.

All the ayurvedic hair oils are based on sesame and coconut oil. Both have unique benefits for the scalp and the hair.

Coconut Oil Benefits For The Hair

Besides being a key ingredient in Ayurvedic hair oils, Cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil is used for conditioning the hair and protecting it from the wearing effects of sun and salt water in all Polynesian cultures.

Its health benefits are also widely researched and published. Read an article how a technique called coconut oil pulling can help to promote general health:

Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil Pulling

Extra Virging Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal. It helps to restore balance to the scalp by compacting yeast, a fungal growth which causes dandruff. It is also a great natural remedy for getting rid of lice, folliculitis, an hair follicle infection and ringworm of the scalp.

Cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil is also rich in medium chain fatty acids, which nourish the scalp by penetrating the hair follicle, compacting frizz, helping to prevent hair breakage, hair loss and promoting hair growth.

Coconut oil is also rich in vitamin E, which is nourishing effects are well known to many cosmetic products and it’s widely used both in skin creams and hair masks.

E vitamin is an powerful antioxidant. It helps to build and repair tissue. Applying it to the scalp, helps to reduce inflammations and repair damaged repair and build tissue and hair follicles.

Sesame Oil Benefits For The Hair

Just like coconut oil, cold pressed sesame oil is widely used in the cosmetics industry. It is very beneficial for the hair and it compacts most of the same areas coconut oil does.

It is also antibacterial and contains high amounts of E vitamin. Additionally it also contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus which nourish the scalp.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil especially improves the scalps blood circulation promoting hair growth. It is highly penetrative in nature, helping to  heal damage caused by chemicals and colouring.

Sesame oil also forms a protective coat around the hair shaft, keeping it protected from the damaging effects of the chemical, pollution, UV rays and sea or chlorine water.

Sesame oil also acts as a coolant helping the hair to recover from the effects of blow drying and curling, as the harsh heat damages the hair follicles. It also locks the moisture within, preventing further drying. It’s cooling effect also compacts stress, which is a mayor factor in hair loss.

Improved Hair and Scalp Health

Improved hair and scalp health is a key to hair growth. Hair oils basing themselves on extra virgin coconut oil and sesame oil Improves scalp and hair health by:

  • Gets rid of dandruff
  • Gets rid of lice
  • Gets rid of ringworm of the scalp
  • Fights folliculitis
  • Reduces scalp inflammations
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Builds and repairs tissue
  • Repairs hair follicle damage
  • Protects the hair from environmental damage from:
    • UV rays
    • salt or chlorine water
    • chemicals
    • colouring
    • heat
    • pollution
  • Restores dry hair
  • Prevents split ends
  • Helps the hair to keep on to its pigment longer, preventing premature greying
  • Gives the hair a luminous shine
  • Combats frizz
  • Helps to grow thicker and fuller hair

Hair Oil Usage

The hair oil is used for three different purposes, but the method remains the same. Small amount of oil is massaged well into the scalp and the ends. The oil is left to act a certain amount of time before washing.

Hair Mask

Hair mask is a deep conditioner applied to the scalp and the hair, that nourishes and repairs damaged hair. For best effects to be left into the hair over night.

Hair oil is best used together with heat as it activates all the properties and creates a hair mask. There are several ways of doing this.

Heating The Oil

Pour a small amount of the oil in a small class dish. Place the class dish in a shallow contained with hot water. Make sure water does not mix with the oil.

Heating The Body

If you do not want to heat the oil, you can also apply it cold and heat yourself instead! You can do this by using the oil in sauna or steam room.

I have personally found this very good way of using the oil. I apply the oil into the hair twice or three times a week about half an hour before going to sauna. I leave the oil for the night and wash my hair the following morning.

Protective Usage

Hair oil can also be used to protect the hair from the damaging sun, sea or chlorine water, chemicals and heat. Women in tropical environments apply hair oil into their hair every morning. It gives them the famous lush shiny and fragrant hair.

In this case apply the hair oil evenly into the whole hair in the morning before leaving the house. Wash the hair in the evening or the following morning.

Hair Styling

Hair oil is traditionally used in Indian hair styling, as it helps to keep the hair in it’s place and protect it while at the same time giving it a lush shine.

Hair Oil

What Is The Best Oil For Hair Growth

So what is the best Ayurvedic hair oil for promoting hair growth and preventing hair fall? The answer is, it depends on your hair type and it’s general condition.

Dry, frizzy hair, which has been damaged by excessive styling and coloring needs different kind of hair than oily or normal. Hence there are generally two different ayurvedic hair oils promoted for each of these types.

Javakusum Hair Oil For Normal and Dry Hair

Ayurvedic Javakusum hair oil is the best oil to promote healthy hair growth for dark, dry, damaged, frizzy and curly hair. It is widely used by women in India and Sri Lanka.

Besides containing both cold pressed extra virgin and cold pressed sesame oils, with its long benefits listed above, it also contains cold pressed castor oil.

Castor oil, just like coconut and sesame oils, is antibacterial and contains vitamin E. Additionally it contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Its unique composition helps to balances the scalp, prevents hair loss, promotes healthy growth.

Additional key ingredients include javakusum, hibiscus flower, Indian gooseberry, indigo and henna.

Javakusum Hair Oil

All these ingredients work together in harmony to darken the hair, preventing premature graying and giving it a healthy shine. Henna helps to condition the hair and the whole blend nourished frail hairs, thickening and proving the hair a healthy shine.


100ml bottle of hair oil is currently on offer for $19.20 $24.00

This product is also available as part of Ayurvedic anti-aging regime. You can read my review of this powerful set of products, tools and information here:

Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Bhringraj Tail Hair Oil For Normal And Oily Hair

Ayurvedic Bhringraj Tail hair oil is best for thin, blonde and oily hair. It is also well suitable for the use on young children.

Just like the Javakusum oil, it bases itself on cold pressed extra virgin coconut and sesame oils.

It does however not contain any castor oil. Instead is contains the essential oil from Eclipta alba, a plant of a sunflower family, which encourages hair growth.

It also contains Eclipta alba and Nagarmotha plant extract, which are traditionally used for Ayurvedic hair loss remedies. Baheda plant extract in return strengthens thin hairs, making them less easily breakable.

Antioxidants and amino acids in the Indian herbs of brahmi, amla, Kachur, Sariva, Nagarmotha, Lodhra, Khareti, Manjishtha, Babchi, Mulethi, Chandan, Padmkashth, Priangu, Mandur, Jatamansi and Ashwagandha present in this hair oil are all beneficial for the hair.

100ml bottle of hair oil is currently on offer for $20.00 $25.00

My Loving Advice

Javakusum is my favourite hair oil as my auburn curly hair is prone for frizz and breaks easily. I also used it successfully to prevent hair loss during my second and third rounds of cancer treatments.

Additionally this hair smells gorgeous due to the use of hibiscus flower essential oil and it has an uplifting effect in my moods.

I have used Bhringraj Tail hair oil to stimulate hair growth by alternating it with Javakusum hair oil after my hair loss due to cancer. Alone it does not nourish my hair enough and neither does it control the frizz of my curls.

These hair oils helped to regrow my hair with the speed of 2.5cm/1inch per month after my first cancer treatments which caused me to loose my hair.

If you only use the hair oil as a hair mask 2-3 times a week, it will last you around 2 months. If you use it daily, it will last approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the length and volume of your hair.

I can highly recommend both hair oils and love the fact that they contain no chemicals or mineral oils, but only oils extracted from herbs and plants. They are both based on ancient Ayurvedic recipes and endured the test of time.

Love and energy,


P.S. If you are interested in natural facial care as well, take a look at this review about the organic Just Herb beauty products:

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What Is Infused Water About – Healthy Habits

Everyone seems to be talking about infused water and its health benefits, but many people are still wondering what is infused water about exactly and what are infused water health benefits! This article will cover all that and I have also included some of my own favorite recipes.

Infused water has great health benefits, depending on which ingredients are used for its preparation. It can also be prepared in different ways, cold or warm. The infused water principle is that the taste, scent and nutritional benefits from the fruit, berries, spices or herbs used will mix with the water, creating a healthy, refreshing drink.


My Discovery of Infused Water

I personally never liked the taste of water. Yes it sounds strange, but I could only gulp it down really cold, which gave me the chills and made my teeth hurt, which made it even more unpleasant.

If there was a slightest taste, I would detect it and turn up my nose and there was nothing my parents could do to make me drink warm water, which was a problem at summer time and when traveling, so I drank unhealthy amounts of diluted juice. I only ever drank voluntarily clean water from a cold stream.

However on one of my early travels I came up with a solution, based on my love for lemons. Strange I know, but I always adored them! I started adding lemon slices in my water and realized the long I kept the lemon in the water before drinking it, the stronger the pleasant taste.

I had gotten started with me first infused water, without even realizing what I was doing and long before I became a health trend. Later on during my travels to India and Sri Lanka, I realized that it was part of the Ayurvedic concept!

Ayurvedic Concept Of Infused Water

In Ayurvedic concept you can infuse water in different ways, either cold, heated up and then cooled down, or in the for of a tea. For the benefits of this article I will only be talking only infused water and not herbal teas, as I am planning on writing a separate article about it later on!

Ayurvedic medicine states that water has special properties depending on if it’s spring, pond, rain or dwell water. Everyone who has ever been lucky enough to drink from mountain stream knows how much better this water tastes like and anyone who washed their hair with rainwater or water from pond knows how it differs from the water led to our house via pipes!

DoshasAyurveda considers water to be nourishing, cooling and detoxifying, as the word Sanskrit word soma indicates. It is associated with moon shine energy and it helps to balance out the Pitta dosha, counteracting Vata dosha’s dryness. 

Water in itself once absorbed into the body properly heals by:

  • Curing fatigue
  • Nourishing skin and giving it healthy glow
  • Increasing stamina
  • Aiding digestion
  • Cooling the body
  • Aiding immune system

Additionally it is seen to detoxify the body, by flushing out the toxins and helping moisture penetrate the cells.

In Ayurvedic concept the water can be absorbed in the body in better if heat has been applied to it. The concept explains that water should be boiled and the infusion should happen either when the water is hot, which either results in tea, which is being enjoyed hot or infused water, if it’s cooled down.

Alternatively the infusion can happen after the water has been cooled down, which is a second method of making infused water. If you think of it, boiling the water is also a great way of getting rid of impurities, such as harmful minerals, bacteria and parasites.

My Favorite Infused Water Recipes

I have a lot of favorite infused water recipes, in fact there I always have one infusing in my kitchen over night. I have written down four recipes my family loves most, both for their taste and health benefits. I would also love to hear about your recipes, so be sure to let me know!

Lime, Ginger And Mint Cold Infused Water

This is a perfect immune system booster drink! It’s very useful and tasty remedy for the flue season during the winter months and extremely refreshing thirst quenching drink during the summer, making it the family favorite all year around!

It’s packed with goodness, C-vitamin, antioxidants and flavanoids. All these ingredients have great health benefits on their own, you can read more here in my Ayurvedic Medicine Remedies For Holidays article.

Additionally this infused water helps you to maintain a healthy weight by flushing your system out of toxins stored in fat, making it easier to break it down and burn for energy.

lime tree


  • 3l of filtered water
  • 2 organic limes
  • 3 cubic cm of organic ginger (1 thumb)
  • 2 large branches of fresh organic mint


  1. Boil water and cool it to room temperature
  2. Wash limes well in hot water, so the wax comes off
  3. Slice the lime
  4. Peel the ginger
  5. Cut the ginger in small cubes
  6. Place the lime, ginger and mint in a large jar
  7. Pour in water
  8. Cover with lid
  9. Let stand at least 12h in room temperature before consuming (if you live in very warm climate, put in cooler room)
  10. Refrigerate after 24h
  11. Keep good for 48h

During the summer months we like to add some ice cubes when serving!

P.S. You can of course supplement the lime with lemon, they are perfectly interchangeable. So why do I prefer lime? It gives a stronger taste, besides I have preference for bitter things and sometimes lemons are rather sweet!

You can also use the fresh ginger peel for beauty treatment! Rub the inside of the peel against your face for some refreshing anti-bacterial treatment.

Blueberry And Raspberry Cold Infused Water

This is my favorite for both it’s anti-aging, free-radicals fighting properties and simply for it’s lovely taste! My kids also really adore it. I make it mostly during the late summer and autumn from fresh produce, but it can be made from frozen berries as well!



  • 3l of filtered water
  • 250g of organic blueberries
  • 250g of organic raspberries


  1. Boil water and cool it to room temperature
  2. Wash fresh berries
  3. Put the berries in the infusing jar
  4. Pour in water
  5. Cover with lid
  6. Let stand at least 12h in room temperature before consuming (if you live in very warm climate, put in cooler room)
  7. Refrigerate after 24h
  8. Keep good for 48h

Cool the drink down with some fresh frozen berries!

P.S. Make sure that you take care of not letting this one stand too long in the warm as the berries will start fermenting. To be sure, remove the berries after 24h. They can be consumed as such, or cooked to make a compote!

Pomegranate Cold Infused Water

Pomegranate seeds have a lot of great properties, due to the high content of both C and K vitamins! I simply love this water since it helps me to fight against osteoporosis and cancer. It also promotes good cardiovascular health and helps children to develop healthy bones!

Besides this, it really tastes really great and my whole family agrees that taste wise this is the best infused water there is.



  • 3l of filtered water
  • 2 large organic pomegranates


  1. Boil water and cool it to room temperature
  2. Peel the pomegranates
  3. Put the seeds in the infusing jar
  4. Pour in room temperature filtered water
  5. Cover with lid
  6. Let stand at least 12h in room temperature before consuming (if you live in very warm climate, put in cooler room)
  7. Refrigerate after 24h
  8. Keep good for 48h

You can also cool this drink down with some frozen seeds!

P.S. Like with blue and raspberries, make sure ferment the seeds. The seeds can also be consumed after use.

Apple and Cinnamon Warm Infused Water

This is my favorite fragrant drink during the cold evenings! It can either be prepared as tea or cooled down as infused water. Most off the times I make it in large quantity, I put some aside for some great tea!

The apples have pectin, flavanols, antioxidant quercetin and are also high in C vitamin. Cinnamon in itself has a long list of benefits, mostly due to coumarin and MethylHydroxy Chalcone polymers. Together these properties give this infused water fantastic blood sugar stabilizing properties!

You can read more in my article about the amazing Honey Cinnamon Cures about the fantastic properties of cinnamon.

Red Apples


  • 3l of filtered water
  • 4 organic Ceylon cinnamon sticks
  • 4 organic apples (red varieties are sweeter and but I personally prefer green for more sour taste!)


  1. Boil water and cool to about 50C
  2. Wash the apples with hot water removing the wax
  3. Remove the seeds and stem
  4. Slice the apple
  5. Put the apple slices and cinnamon into the jar
  6. Pour in the warm water
  7. Cover with lid
  8. Let stand at least 6h in room temperature before consuming (if you live in very warm climate, put in cooler room)
  9. Refrigerate after 24h
  10. Keep good for 48h

This variety is faster to produce than others, since it uses warm water. It can also be reheated when you want to consume it, this is how I mostly drink it during the winter, but cool it down with some ice at summer.

P.S. You can also replace the apple with oranges at winter time. Remember to use the whole orange as wash the peel well with hot water to remove the wax. I like this, as orange is one of my favorite fragrances.

Dosha Balancing Infused Water

If you are experiencing dosha imbalances you can try to make the following infused waters. In order to find your Ayurvedic dosha type, take this free Ayurveda dosha quiz:

Ayurvedic Dosha Test – Discover Yourself

To find out more about dosha types and how they influence our lives,  you can read my article here:

What Is A Dosha – How It Influences Our Lives

Kapha Balance

  • 2l of water
  • 3 holy basil leaves
  • 2 thin slices of fresh ginger
  • 1/4 tsp. of cumin
  • 1/2 tsp. of fennel

Add ingredients in hot water, let stand for 2h in thermos, drink warm throughout the day.

Pitta Balance

  • 2l of water
  • 1/4 tsp. fennel seed
  • 2 rose buds
  • 1 clove Store

Add ingredients in hot water, let stand for 2h thermos, cool down in cup before drinking.

Vata Balance

  • 2l of water.
  • 3 mint leaves
  • 1/2 tsp. fennel seed
  • 1/4 tsp marshmallow root

Add ingredients in hot water, let stand for 2h in thermos, drink warm throughout the day.

My Loving Advice

Infused Water BottlesGenerally speaking I don’t recommend use of plastic for making infused water. Besides plastic actually being full of poisons that I don’t want to migrate to my water, it becomes a problem if your water does get fermented by accident.

Here you see some of my own infused water tools. I used to use glass bottles, but found it very frustrating since I had to cut the ingredients very small and sometimes had difficulties to remove them, since the swell with the water.

I got these lovely infusion jars for Christmas present few weeks ago and I am extremely happy with them! They have a large lid that closes easily and on top of that they have a faucet, which you can use to tap the water straight into a class.

Water Infusing JarsBesides, they look really pretty in the kitchen, don’t you think? At least they are creating a great discussion subject with the visitors.

Only the first time when I tried to use them, I did not realize the lid needs to be opened in order to tap the water out due to under-pressure in the jar.

Please made sure that you don’t drink more than 2l of water for adults and 1l for children, so you don’t flush all the salt out of your system and go into shock due to water intoxication. During the hot weather and sporting you can increase the amount max 1l but remember to consume sea salt or salt tablets.

So go ahead and test my recipes and be sure to give me feedback about your experiences.I really hope you enjoy both the taste, scent and the health benefits they provide!

Infused water has become part of my day and it’s important part of my natural methods to fight against my cancer. I would recommend every cancer patient to give it a go. I drink infused water during my fasting days as can be read he in this article:

Intermittent Fasting For Cancer Patients

As already mentioned before, I would also love to test yours, so be sure to leave them in the comments section. I promise to test them out!


Love and Light,


Intermittent Fasting For Cancer Patients

A lot of medical research have been made into the benefits of intermittent fasting benefits and various articles have been written about this topic and I have no intention to compete with them. This is a tale of my personal experience on how I have benefited from intermittent fasting for cancer patients.


During the last 5 years I have been using intermittent fasting, also shortly referred to as IF, as one of the healing methods for my ovarian cancer, under the supervision of my medical doctor, who is a big believer in Ayurveda and several other natural methods of healing.

Fasting has helped me more than a lot of the chemical treatments, operations and medications have ever done. My story has inspired a lot of people I know to give it a go.

I hope my article will give you, the reader, as well a good overview of the benefits of intermittent fasting, not only for cancer. but a lot of other reasons as well!

If you have any questions, or need encouragement to get started or keep going, you can always write a comment or contact me privately as well. I am happy to help in any way I can.

What Is Intermittent Fasting

Everyone already fasts every single day! Surprised? You shouldn’t be, since you are not eating while you sleep! Even the term of BREAKFAST, the name for the first meal of the day indicated breaking our overnight fast!


Intermittent fasting simply takes the concept further and extends the fast for a longer one than the typical 8h sleep period. For instance people who skip the breakfast and first eat at noon, are in fact practicing intermittent fasting.

Despite what you may think, intermittent fasting is not dangerous and neither is skipping a breakfast, although a lot of people will try to convince you otherwise! It is easy to do and a lot of people state they feel better and have plenty more energy during and after a fast.

Some of the most popular methods are:

16:8 Method – You eat 8h, from noon until 8pm and fast for 16h, from 8pm until the noon next day. Popular with sports fanatics and body builders. Good for growing muscle and loose body fat fast.

4:3 Method – You eat 4 days out of each week and fast 3. You can choose any days you like depending on your schedule. Each of your fasts lasts 36h. This is a popular healing method, explained further in my article.

5:2 Method – Very popular and effective weight loss technique.. However most people who take this route do not do 0Kcal fasts, but rather eat 1/4 of their normal amount of daily calories, either in a single meal during the evening or in tiny meals throughout the day.

Ramadan – Muslims fast for religious reasons during the month of Ramadan. They don’t eat and some don’t drink from sunrise until the sunset.

Mahatma Gandhi Fasting
Mahatma Gandhi Fasting

Yoga Fast – Hinduism and many other eastern religions advocate regular fasting as  a way to supreme health and enlightenment, as well as to be used for peaceful protests.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has a lot of health  benefits and as mentioned in my introduction, there are plenty available on the Internet, you just need to google them. The National Center for Biotechnology Information also have a lot of studies listed into intermittent fasting methods. I am only going to mention few of the most common benefits.

Weigh Loss

5:2 Fast Diet BookAs mentioned before 5:2 and 4:3 are popular, very effective and fast weight loss methods. The reason for it’s popularity is in the human nature. A lot of people enjoy the 5:2 or 4:3 fasting methods, because it allows them to eat normally on other, non fasting days.

The same methods are popular with weightlifters and professional athletes, who need to control their body mass and fat percentage. It’s more natural and healthy way than to result to chemical supplements. It’s also easier for people to stick to it!

Improve Immune System

There are several conditions which are caused by the weakening of the over all immune system of the body, examples of such being frequent infections and system wide yeast infections.

Intermittent fasting strengthens the immune system and allows the body to rest and regenerate. I will be talking more about the exact process in my next topic, nearest to my heart.

Diabetes Control

Measuring Blood Sugar LevelsWhen done right with doctors approval and guidance, intermittent fasting has a very positive effect on blood sugar levels. It stabilities them and lowers fasting sugar, hence being a very effective method for controlling diabetes.

Diabetes type II is also often caused by access weight and since intermittent fasting can also lead to weight loss, this can be considered an additional benefit for diabetic care.

Improve Metabolic Health

A lot of people suffering from metabolic issues, such as IBS and food insensitivities have found relief from fasting, due to the fact that the metabolic system gets to rest and repair during the fasts.

Blood Pressure Control

Blood Pressure Measuring

High blood pressure is often caused by too much starchy carbohydrates in the diet and regularly follows diabetes type II, due to your body producing too much insulin and leptin as a response to your eating habits.

Intermittent Fasting limits the intake of carbohydrates on the fasting days, as it promotes your body to use energy in an efficient way. This lifestyle change can hence help to normalize blood pressure.

Intermittent Fasting For Cancer Patients

Intermittent fasting has been used for healing cancer in many traditional healing practices such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. A lot of the cancer clinics using natural healing methods advocate the use of fasting as one of their main healing methods.

Also more and more cancer clinics are realizing the benefits of incorporating intermittent fasting into the traditional cancer treatments. So how can intermittent fasting can help cancer patients? It can provide help in 6 different ways.

  1. Water Fasting 36h before chemotherapy sessions – Makes the patient less suspect for the side effects of these drastic treatments. Patients experience no nausea and feel more energetic after the treatments than without the fast.
  2. Kill Cancer Cells – That’s right, fasting actually kills cancer cells. When the patient fasts 36h, the body triggers a starvation mode and looks for places to cut the energy usage. It sends out seek and destroy teams. These specialized cells find the cancer cells, which are considered by the body sick cells and destroy them.
  3. Improve Immune System – The same starvation mode triggers the body to fight for survival, because bad times are ahead. As a response of this evolutionary survival mode in our DNA, the body itself strengthens it’s immune responses to fight infections and bacterial attacks helping cancer patients to stay healthy from common colds, yeast and bacterial infections.
  4. Starving The Cancer Cells – Sounds funny, right? The cancer cells feed on sugar and need it to reproduce. During the fasts we live of the fat and stored energy. This slows down the spread of the cancer cells.
  5. Pain Relief – The fasting also provides cancer patient relief from pain as the process of fasting numbs the bodies pain receptors.
  6. Detoxify – Fasting helps the body to rid itself of the toxins caused by the chemical cancer cancer treatments, diets and the environment. For stronger effects try infused water.

Immune System

There are still a lot of people who doubt the medical studies about the benefits of the fasting in cancer treatments. However the overwhelming positive responses from the cancer patients themselves and the effectiveness of traditional treatments combined with fasting, are triggering more and more studies into this area, hopefully making it mainstream with the next few years!

What Are The Downsides of Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is definitely not easy, in fact it’s one of the hardest things I have ever done. I have listed here some of the problems I know of, I am sure there are several others.

Some medical conditions

Sick Teddy BearThere are some illnesses might exclude you from doing intermittent fasting or only be able to fast under strict medical control. If you have issues with blood sugar or blood pressure, you have to do it with guidance of a doctor and be prepared for regular checkups.

Feeling of Hunger

Your mind will play tricks on your and convince you will die or faint unless you eat immediately! This couldn’t be further from the truth unless if you have blood sugar level or blood pressure problems, in which case you need to be extremely careful when attempting to fast.

During fasts, you are using reserve fat stores in your body and using them for energy. Your blood sugar levels will be stable.

Do not give into snacking, it will make you even more hungry to get a small amount of food into your system. Drinking hot drinks will help with hunger and the feeling will fade over the time.


Some people experience headache during the fasts. Most of the time this is caused by nagging feeling of hunger. We are simple thought to listen to the signals of hunger and immediately obey. When not, we are mentally worried about starvation, even though we know this to be untrue.


Taking headache pills on fasting days is bad. Get some fresh air and gentle exercise, this will help to relieve the headache naturally! Take a nap and get refreshed!

Dizziness, Weakness And Nausea

Some people experience dizziness, weakness and nausea when they start to  fast. Some of it is mental dependency on food, but at some times during strenuous activity dizziness can get hold of the faster.

Also your body ridding is itself of the toxins and chemicals, which in it’s turn causes some detoxification symptoms! Some people experience them stronger than others.

Avoid going from cold to hot and other way around too fast. Avoid getting up too fast. Both dizziness and nausea will disappear  once you gain more experience with fasting. Avoid excessive strenuous physical activity during fasts.

Feeling Cold

You will feel cold, your feet and hands like ice due to temporary lowering of your metabolism during fast days. On some fasting days you will just want to sit in front of the fireplace under the blanket, sipping hot tea and reading a book.

Dress warmly and keep extra items of clothing, not forgetting gloves, scarfs and hats with you. Drink plenty of hot tea to keep warm and hydrated!

Green Tea

Social Life

It’s difficult to keep up with your social life when you are fasting. If it’s just a dinner outside with friends, you can often inform them that you can’t eat that particular day and suggest an other, but big meetings with a lot of people are often really hard for people who fast. You have to decide to either not to fast of be prepared to a lot of negative feedback about you ruining the mood.

Bad Blood

Some people simply will never believe you when you talk about the benefits of the fasting. They are absolutely convinced that you will DIE if you don’t eat every 3-5h and also think that cancer patients should eat well to keep healthy.

The fact they know nothing about fasting and are not willing to educate themselves, means they will be talking bad things about fasting and trying to convince you to give up all together.

Prepare for the fact that they will be eating things in front of your nose and even offering it to you to try to break your will. If you do, they congratulate you for being sensible! The will push emotionally guilt trip you into not ruining certain event for them.


My Personal Intermittent Fasting Routine

Because fasting is part of my cancer treatments, I do 0Kcal 36h fast at the time. I eat nothing and only drink herbal teas and infused water. I try to keep to the following strict routine.

  • I fast Monday-Wednesday-Friday
  • I eat normally Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday-Sunday

This means I stop eating Sunday evening at 8pm. I fast the whole Monday. No snacks, no food, only herbal or green tea and infused water.  No oral medications on these days. Tuesday morning at 8am I break my fast and have hence completed 36h fast!

Tuesday I eat normally between 8am and 8pm, being careful not to overeat, but making sure to get enough calories, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. I keep hydrated and keep the more strenuous exercise for the days I eat.

That’s my normal rhythm, also called 8:36 fasting, referring to hours I eat and fast or 4:3 fasting, referring to days of the week I eat and fast.

Keep Diary

My Fasting Problems

Allowing myself the weekends off helps me to enjoy some good home cooked meals together with my family. I used to fast every second day, but it was mentally very hard during the weekends and confusing for my loved ones, who were never able to keep track of my fasting days!

Can I always do it? No way! There are times when I give up and don’t fast for a day or even few weeks at the time. What causes me to lose track? Most of the time one of the following:

  • Extreme Stress – work work work
  • Emotional Imbalance – lots of it around for cancer patients
  • Illness – lowered immune system makes me prone and I have very little will power when poorly
  • Pain – extreme pain from my kidneys
  • Holiday Times – love tasting new foods and enjoying eating out
  • Special Occasions – birthdays, celebrations, camps, conferences, business dinners
  • Travel – difficult on the road, bored while driving
  • Weather – extreme cold weather

Cold Weather

As you see there are several reasons why I sometimes fail my fasts, food is after all considered as a comforter and emotional reward by most of us!

I would say from my experiences that there are times when I manage months at the time without once breaking the rhythm and then weeks when everything goes wrong and I struggle with every single one of my fasts.

Is this ideal? No, of course not, I should be able to do it 100% of the time, since it’s a question about my health, right? WRONG! Even my doctor tells me that managing 80% of the time is an amazing defeat of basic human instinct. He tells me to be proud of myself!

I normally give myself a permission to eat normally during holidays, but restarting fasting after 2 weeks of normal eating is a nightmare and the bad effects on my condition are immediate! So I try to keep to at least 1 fasting day a week during vacations.

My Recommendations  For IF Beginners

Getting started with fasting is not easy! Anyone who has ever tried it, knows it! In order to overcome some of the problems, I have put together some hints and tips, which will help you to get started!


  1. Seek Doctors Advice – Before you start with fasting, you should talk to your doctor. Not all doctors are happy with ideas of alternative cancer treatment methods, so you might need to look around before you find a good one willing to explore fasting as healing option together with you.
  2. Start Slowly – It will take a while before both your body and mind get used to fasting. Take it slowly and start with eating less few days a week, before moving to  fasting for longer periods of time.
  3. Keep Hydrated – It is important to drink enough when you are fasting. Herbal and green tea, together with water infusions will be your best friend.
  4. Keep a Fasting Diary – It will help you to note down your feelings and your problems, as well as your progress and healing. You will enjoy reading it later or sharing with others!
  5. Seek Support – Tell the friends and family what you are doing, their support will be a key for your success! It will be much easier to fast without someone constantly snacking next to you at home or work. There are also plenty of online groups that can help you on the days you struggle!


Love and Peace,


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How To Help A Cancer Patient – Are You Also Clueless?

I have been living with cancer, recovering from cancer, in fear of getting the cancer again, rinse and repeat cycle for the last 5 and half years. The chances are that you read this article right now, because you know someone who has cancer too, want to help, but don’t know how. Join me in my very personal story to teach you how to help cancer patients!

I have written many updates on my social media profiles about my cancer simply because it helps me to talk about it. People have reacted in different ways, some positive, but also often in some very negative ways.

Cancer Cells
Nasty cancer cells

I wanted to write down my thoughts how you can help someone who is living with cancer. This post originally appeared as a rant on my Facebook page, I have altered, updated and edited it for the purposes of making it into more of a guide for people who want to help a friend, relative, child or spouse living with cancer!

In order for people to help, the need to understand how it is to live with cancer, so here it is, my raw and very personal take into being a cancer patient!

Living With Cancer Day In, Day Out

How does one deal with impossible work deadlines, kids, household, friendships, upcoming holidays while trying to take care of oneself, get rid of the cancer and all the other health problems it causes and heal?

The answer is; you don’t

It’s just not possible

Nobody really understands

They all say they do, but they don’t

Deep inside they are just mad at you

Angry at you for not pulling your weight around

After All, the live goes one around you

It is only for you time stands still!


They don’t understand the guilt not being able to be there for your kids!

I am so tired all the time
I am so tired all the time!

Not to have the energy to clear the house, wash the laundry or sort out the garden!

Do the paperwork of running 2 companies and trying to concentrate working full time for third!

Do some exercise, yoga and meditation and of course train the dog, because I am the one who wanted to have him in the first place!

Take care of ones impossible diet and get some sleep.

Least of all, they will understand how tired you are ALL THE TIME!

They Tell You

They tell you to take it easy, not to work, but get mad if there is no cash to pay all the bills in time.

They tell you shouldn’t use your time and energy on traveling if you are feeling so poorly, but expect you to be present at every business meeting.

Still love skiing
I still love skiing, even if for just few hours!

They tell you to rest, but when you try to spend time alone, they tell you are never there for the family.

At Home

My every waking moment goes into either into working or sorting out the chaos inside the house or in the garden, running errands and doing paperwork.

The house is falling apart and the garden is a jungle. It feels like I get nothing done, ever and everyone is just mad at me 🙁

No energy for kids and even going out to walk the dog, something I always loved becomes a chore…

I start one thing but never have a chance to finish it, at night I fall on the bed dead exhausted but unable to sleep from the stress and often lay awake all night worrying.

On The Road

If I am on the road, I leave the kids to their father or grand-mum, I am a bad mum. It makes no difference if I am going away on business because I want to make a difference and actually care about our future or to the clinic to receive the treatments. I am not there and therefore I am not a good mum.

Me sitting in the office, fulfilling my CTO role
Me sitting in the office, fulfilling my CTO role

If I am work, people are blaming me for things that were happening when I was not there, things nobody bothered to discuss with me or even inform me about. Other people make technical decisions, changing plans without consulting me and causing a huge mess. I get blamed for not keeping to deadlines which would have been difficult even under the best of circumstances.

At The Clinic

Me at the mountain lake near my cancer clinic
Me at the mountain lake near my cancer clinic

If I am at the clinic, nobody understands how hard the days spent there are. People see pictures of me sitting by the lake or
on the mountain after the treatments, not hooked up to the machines at the clinic or having my body put through yet an other set of tests.

Everyone seems to think it’s just an other holiday that I didn’t deserve because after all I am not pulling my weight and and other people are working way harder that I am.

They don’t understand connectivity problems and times it takes to get to this remote location or how exhausted the treatments and the medication make me.

Where Is The Support From My Loved Ones?

Nobody even bothers to ask me anymore how I feel, nor cares when I almost faint from pain or cannot walk or drive the car properly. If I can do it on Monday, surely Friday cannot be any different?

They are all tired of hearing from my health problems, treatments and medication, it’s always the same. Better not to ask anything if what you will hear is unpleasant, right?

I know everything about cancer!
I know everything about cancer!

Everyone has their own opinions of cancer treatments, which their learned from Internet or their friends and for sure offer them freely. If I don’t want to listen with a lot of attention and care, I am a fool for not keeping all my options open. After all their cousins mother-in-laws brother got well by using this or that method!

When my body swells as my kidneys refuse to function and my missing lymph nodes are not making things any better, people think I am fat and disgusting. Other females look at my swollen legs smugly and claim I have cellulite, my own son tells me to do some exercise and men remark how much weight I have put on.

Swollen with water retention, in pain at company event
Swollen with water retention, in pain at company event

When I don’t fit into my trousers they tell me to wear looser clothing so they don’t have to look at my disgusting body. When I am not able to wear bra from my scars, which hurt from swelling, I am provoking and slutty. When my stomach, deformed from the operation scars, protrudes trough my clothing, people stare with disgust.

When I cannot eat what others do, they still wave stuff in front of my nose, because it tastes good and they want to make me feel excluded. Who cares if the smells of food drives me nuts when I am fasting?

How Do I Get The Strength To Carry On?

My favorite moments are me sitting in my car, driving somewhere, because I can play loud rock music and pretend for just a moment that I am not ill and it is all just a nightmare.

On the good days when the sun is out, I love to take walks with my dog and think about my life. On bad days I like soaking in a hot bath tub or taking a sauna. I love spending time on my own.

I keep on telling myself that I am beautiful despite the scars and the swelling and worthy of peoples love. That it’s worth fighting for to get healthy again. I avoid looking into the mirror and buying clothes.

Me at summer festival
Me at summer festival

Those are the moments I live for, that give me power to continue my fight. And of course for the few rock concerts I have lined up  and look forward to.

That and the support of the few amazing people who are always there for me, ready to listen or just hold me when it all gets too much.

What Can I Do To Help?

If you got this far, it’s because you actually wanted to understand how it is to live with a cancer. You should be able to related better to the reason which got you started reading this article in the first place!

So next time you see your loved one, either me or someone you care about, try to remember the following:

  1. DO NOT MAKE EMPTY COMPLIMENTS! If someone has just lost their hair as a results of cancer treatments, they do NOT want to hear they look OK, trust me on this one! If they complain about it or want to go shopping for hats or wig, offer help and your opinions, but DO NOT TELL THEM THEY LOOK JUST FINE!
  2. DO NOT COMMENT ON CANCER PATIENTS WEIGHT! Cancer can cause you both LOSE & GAIN weight. Just because someone you once knew lost a lot of weight due to cancer, it doesn’t mean someone else can’t suffer from excess water swelling due to cancer!
  3. DO NOT TELL THEM THAT THEIR CANCER POSTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA ARE ATTENTION SEEKING! When people talk about their cancer, it is not because they are just seeking attention and pity posting on social media or by taking up cancer related issues in a conversation. It HELPS to talk about it and this is what your doctors and therapists teach you to do!
  4. DO NOT OFFER YOUR INSIGHTS INTO ALL SORTS OF NEW CANCER TREATMENTS YOU HAVE HEARD ABOUT! She does NOT want to hear about, it, TRUST ME ON THIS ONE! She has spent thousands of hours reading about it, researching the topic, if she wants to discuss it with you, she will ask you of your opinion!
  5. DO NOT TELL HER WHAT TO DO OR HOW TO SPEND HER TIME! If she likes to travel or party, let her, it gives her something, energy perhaps, or just a moment without worries.
    Me enjoying a Metal concert.
    Me enjoying a Metal concert.

    Maybe she is just filling her bucket list. If she wants to be alone and listen to sad music, let her, maybe it helps her mentally. Let her find out what helps HER and be supportive!

  6. DO NOT TELL HER TO KEEP TO HER DIET! Cancer diets are often very difficult, they require enormous amount of strength and will power. If she decides to let go one day or for a duration of the holiday, DO NOT JUDGE HER!
  7. DO LET HER BE THE ONE TO START TALKING ABOUT CANCER! There are times when we just don’t want to go here and often those times we are suffering the most! Be patient, be attentive and follow our lead!
  8. DO FIND TIME JUST TO BE THERE FOR HER! Talk to her, check on her once in a while, do silly things with her
    Me and my mum at carneval in Sitges
    Me and my mum at carneval in Sitges

    Ask her how she is doing, send her flowers, take her out,  go to the rock concert with her, spend the day with her or what ever she wants to do! Don’t wait until one day she is no longer  with you to tell and show her you care!

  9. DO ASK HER HOW YOU CAN HELP! There are so many ways you can do small favors for cancer sufferers, just ask, we do appreciate it. She might be too tired to clean the house, walk the dog, wash the car or she might just enjoy a break from cooking. Respect her answer and know if it was: ‘I am OK thnx’ on Monday, it might be different on Friday.
  10. DO OFFER HER HEALTHY CHOICES! If you bring her chocolate, make it dark chocolate, if you invite her over for dinner, make sure you prepare a nice and healthy meal. DOT NOT EAT UNHEALTHY STUFF IN FRONT OF HER AND TELL HER YOU ADMIRE HER WILL POWER! Take her to that new juice bar or ask her to join you in gym or a walk. She often struggles to make those choices on her own!
  11. DO DEFEND HER IN FRONT OF OTHERS WHO ARE UNAWARE OF HER ILLNESS! She might not want to tell everyone herself, but if someone is wondering why she has her ups and downs and criticize her in front of you, let them know so they stop judging her. It is not a state secret, that is unless she explicitly asked you not to tell someone or anyone for that matter.
  12. DO INFORM OTHERS TO READ THIS POST! If they are making the same mistakes you were or not understanding what the cancer patient is going through, ask them to read my post with thought.
My alter ego Xena, fighting cancer
My alter ego Xena, fighting cancer

Am I asking too much? Actually all I ask is for you to THINK and just take a moment to CARE or talk to me next time you see me!

This post is not a rant, but rather a tribute for the ones who have been there from the moment I got diagnosed and the ones who just shared the last month of my fight. I don’t care if I have known you all my life or know you only from the Internet:


Winne The Pooh about love
Winne The Pooh about love

With All My Love,


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Pain Management With Meditation

This article deals with pain management with meditation. It will introduce you to the techniques and the practice of using meditation as a form of natural pain relief.

Pain Management With Meditation
Pain Management With Meditation

In medicine pain relates to a sensation that hurts. If you feel pain it hurts, you feel discomfort, distress and perhaps agony, depending on the severity of it.

Pain can be steady and constant, in which case it may be an ache. It might be a throbbing pain – a pulsating pain. The pain could have a pinching sensation, or a stabbing one.

Meditation Techniques For Pain Management

Meditation has countless usages and general health benefits, if you are interested in them,  please read my article:

10 Benefits From Meditation – Ready To Make a Change?

This is a very personal topic for me as for the last 5 years I have lived with the cancer and had to learn to deal with pain being part of my every day life.

Constant pulsing pain caused by my advanced cancer made me irritated and impatient. I have tried everything from opiates to cannabis oil.

The opiates, I have been offered Tradomal, take away the pain, but make me very sick and dizzy leaving me unable to drive or consume my favorite glass of red wine.

I also worry about the side effects such as dependency and all those harmful chemicals in my body!

The medicinal cannabis oil works in taking the edge of the pain, but does not help when I am really struggling. I also cannot carry it with me everywhere despite my prescription as it’s illegal in some countries.

Since I started to meditate daily, my life has turned around and I have learned the techniques to control my pain, so it no longer controls me and my actions.

I also use several Ayurvedic herbs and techniques to help me with pain management. You can read about my experiences here:

Are you also imprisoned by your pain?
Are you also imprisoned by your pain?

If you, just like me live with pain, join in my personal journey to learn to do pain management with meditation.

Living With Pain

There are many people in the world who like me live in constant pain. Living with daily pain is frustrating and causes a lot of mental problems such as irritability, anciently and depression.

The psychological effects caused by lack of pain relief can be so severe that they lead individuals into desperate actions, such as suicide and even murders in sudden violent bursts of anger.

Chronic Back Pain
Chronic Back Pain

Reasons can vary from back pain, migraines, old injuries, inherited conditions such as cystic fibrosis to auto immune diseases like multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Besides chronic pain, there is also acute pain, which can be caused by an injury to nerves, muscles, bones or tendons, medical condition such as cancer or kidney infection and child birth.

Pain is also very individual and can be only truly explained by the person who is experiencing it. Every individual has a different pain threshold, or in other words tolerance for pain, which means that the same cause for pain can experienced in totally different way by two different individuals.

Western medicine spends millions of dollars in developing new medications to provide pain relief for the sufferers. However most of the times the stronger the numbing effect, more serious the side effects, such as drowsiness, vision and coordination problems.

Opiates have an affect on Central Nervous System
Opiates have an affect on Central Nervous System

The most effective pain medications are opiates, derivatives of the opium plant, most known being Morphine and it’s synthetic forms. It acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to decrease the feeling of pain. Opiates are also highly addictive and cause both physical and mental dependency.

So how can Meditation bring Pain Relief? There are several different ways the meditation can bring you relief from pain. I will introduce you to the these methods and provide my own guided meditations that you can use to help you along!

By Distracting Yourself From The Pain

Me in severe pain during my birthday dinner
Me in severe pain during my birthday dinner

This approach is a very good one, when the pain hits suddenly and without warning. You could be at work, shopping in town or having a fancy dinner somewhere. The pain can catch up with you anywhere and there is no escaping.

Depending on the situation there are several different techniques you can use. I will introduce you to 2 of them that I have personally found most effective:

  1. Quick Pain Meditation – Can be done anywhere and doesn’t require any preparation or special positions
  2. Daily Pain Meditation – Learn how to distance yourself from the pain and draw your concentration on other things.
  3. Mantra Meditation – Has  to be learned, but after wards can be done anywhere and doesn’t necessarily require any preparation or special positions

The two techniques above are best when used together. My article

Meditation For Chronic Pain Relief

will take you through both and you can listen to my personal guides meditation to learn the technique I was thought by my yoga master.

The third technique takes some time to master and I will be posting a video about it in  later on in my meditation series. Mantras are very powerful in clearing the mind and releasing the pain. They can be sited out loud or inside the head.

By Learning Deep Relaxation techniques

An other method, which will help you in fact feel less pain. You learn how to relax your body, paying special attention the parts that cause you pain.

My Deep Relaxation Meditation teaches you a technique that is especially good when you are failing to fall asleep from the pain or if you are suffering pain caused by tension and stress, such as lower back or neck pains.

In the long term, you will notice that your pain is not as sharp as it used to be and you can slowly start to combine the deep relaxation meditation with gentle exercise for maximum effect. Read about the benefits of Yoga in my article:

Starting Yoga Practice – Beginners Guide

By Practicing Breathing Techniques

Pranayamas, the ancient breathing techniques are very important part of both yoga and meditation! The correct way of breathing can bring you a lot of relief from the pain and certain methods can substantially reduce acute pain!

I will be posting my own videos into some of these powerful secrets later on in my yoga series, stay tuned!

My Guided Pain Meditation

These meditations are provided for learning purpose and they provide you the techniques to use for each 3 types of meditation I have mentioned in my article!

The idea is that you learn to use the method I teach you in order to relax yourself in the situations where the pain wave hits and you feel like drowning. You of course can still continue to use my guided meditation if you feel you benefit from it.

The Environment

In order to use either of my meditation below, you need to make yourself comfortable. I do not recommend doing this meditation in bed for the first time, but you can certainly use it later on in the evenings to help you fall asleep!

Some of my personal meditation aids
Some of my personal meditation aids

If you have a yoga or exercise mat, roll it on the floor. If not, you can also use a blanket to soften the floor. I often lay on my bare cork floor, it’s warm and comfortable.

You will need a light blanket, as your body temperature tends to drop as you enter a deeper stages of relaxation. You also want to dim the lights and if your intention is to fall asleep, you should meditate in dark.

Me meditating together with my dog
Me meditating together with my dog

Make sure there are no distractions, no kids, no phones and no TV. It helps to set the mood to use an incense, a scented candle, or a essential oil infuser.

Special word about pets. Often they are a distraction, but some people prefer to include their pets into the meditation. My dog is used to me meditation since he was a puppy and often joins me in my sessions.

Just make sure what ever you are using has a relaxing and calming effect. My top pick for pain meditation is the soothing Sandalwood essential oil quit smoking pills zyban.

It might also be relaxing to listen to some music, you hear me play it during my meditation, some beautiful blue whale songs.

However for some people it is distracting and they prefer to meditate in silence. You will learn your personal preference soon enough and can take action accordingly.

I have also provided mp3 files, which you can download if you want to store me meditation into your smart phone to listen to it for instance in the evening or after a yoga session.

The Guided Deep Relaxation Meditation  For Pain Management

For this relaxation we are going to use the yoga position Sawasana, also called a corpse pose, a position where the person lays on the yoga mat, back against the floor.

The feet are spread hip wide apart and arms are separated from the body, hands being placed about 10cm from the body. The position is demonstrated below.

Sawasana - the corpse pose
Sawasana – the corpse pose

You should cover yourself with the light blanket, leaving the feet and the fingers free for movement.

My meditation is taking you to the depths of the ocean, join me in my dive with the blue whales!

I hope you have enjoyed my guided meditation! I would love to hear from you and your experiences in living with pain and how mediation has changed things for you.

Please also take a look about my article about using Ayurveda to help your with pain management. I would also appreciate it greatly if you give me a follow on my new YouTube channel and leave me a comment about your favorite alternative pain management techniques!

I you want to learn more about the roots of meditation, you can read my article about Yoga Sutras.

Love and Peace,


AromatherapyP.S. If you want to learn how to deepen your meditation experience, take a look at the Ayurveda aroma experience These essential oils have a subtle, yet extremely powerful influence on our mind and body.