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Ayurvedic produt gift ideas

Ayurvedic Gift Ideas

Ayurvedic Gift Ideas

Welcome to my Ayurvedic Gift Ideas posts! Below you find all the articles I have written about ayurvedic gift ideas.

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Christmas Gift Ideas For WomenGift Ideas For a Busy MomChristmas Gifts For Women Who Have Everything
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Christmas Gifts Ideas For Women

Christmas is almost here and you feel once again like you are going to fail her because you are unable to pick a gift to please her. There are millions of Christmas gift ideas for women out there and yet nothing feels just right.

Let me assure you, you are not alone! What seems like a mission impossible is going to be sorted in the next 10minutes, so read my explanation why buying a gift for this particular woman seems such a chore.

Let’s examine the problem closer. The problem here is that there is no such things as perfect gift for every woman! You need to tell me just a little bit about the woman in question and I will help you pick just the right gift for her!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Women

It doesn’t actually matter which woman you want to buy a gift for! Your girlfriend, wife, mother-in-law, sister, mother or a friend will fall into one of the following categories:

She is alternative – She lives a healthy lifestyle

You have no idea what to give her because you understand nothing of yoga or latest healthy eating diet. Last year you gave her chocolates and she threw them in the bin when she thought you were not looking!

My top pick for a woman with a healthy lifestyle:

AromatherapyShe will simply love the Ayurveda aroma experience, a set of pure essential oils have a subtle, yet extremely powerful influence on our mind and body.

This pack contains an aroma diffuser, replacement pads and delightful essential oils collection including blissful heart aroma oil, slumber time aroma oil and worry free aroma oil.

If you are still unsure, read my whole article Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts For Her

She is picky – She likes to buy her own stuff

You have stopped trying, last year, like the last 5 years, you simply give her cash so she can buy herself a gift. She seems pleased, but deep inside you know she is disappointed in you!

My top pick is: The Ayurvedic Woman

Ayurvedic Woman

This gift will teach her how the mind and body are connecting. She will learn how to better take care of herself the natural Ayurvedic way.

So instead of giving her just a standard gift card, you give her some insights to being a woman. If this doesn’t feel right, read my whole article called Unique Christmas Gifts For Women – A Gift She’ll Love

She has everything – She cannot name you one thing she desires

You are trying to buy a present to someone who lives a life of luxury and gets presents all the time, so you need to find something that stands out from the crowd! She didn’t really get excited about that gold chain you gave her last year.

My top pick is:  Luxury Yoga Retreat

It doesn’t matter if she is already a yogin or just interested in self-improvement, a luxry yoga retreat really is a wonderful gift!

She can really relax and really concentrate on herself at luxury  beach resorts, villas, or 5-star hotels accommodations in amazing Zanzibar, Exotic Morocco, Gorgeous Bali or many other destinations on offer.

Yoga Retreats has almost all the yoga retreats collected under the same roof and the site is easy to use to find her just the luxury yoga holiday she will love!

Meditate Yoga Retreat

In case this doesn’t feel right, take a look at my other top picks in the article:

Christmas Gifts For Women Who Have Everything

She doesn’t know what she wants – She had no time to think

You need to figure out the perfect gift to someone, who is too busy with the kids, the pets, being an supporting spouse and the household to think of herself.

She might work during the day or study during the evenings, her days are filled with stress and she is always on the run! She needs something to help her relax!

My top pick for a woman who is struggling to find time for anything is: Amazon Audible $14.95/month

Amazon Audible Books

She will love being able to experience how the master story tellers bring books to life!

If you are not sure audio books are right for her, read my whole article Gift Ideas For a Busy Mum – Pamper her!

She is struggling with overweight – Nothing works

She needs to lose weight and she knows it. She might have health issues due tot the extra kilos she is carrying around and her self worth is all time low. You want to help her, but feel clueless how!

My top pick for a woman who is struggling with overweight:

Give her a gift of Yoga Download. The Yoga for Weight Loss Program will get her started gently yet effectively on her weight loss journey.

Christmas Yoga Girl

To know more about this program read my review here: Yoga Download – How to do Yoga and Meditation Anywhere, It gives you a good idea, what this great online program has to offer!

If you are still unsure, read my whole article Weight Loss Gifts For Her

She is mature age – You have no clue what older women like

She is actually one of the easiest people to buy a gift for and once you read my gift ideas, you will know why you have been failing to give her anything that truly honestly pleased her all the previous times. Of course being from an other generation, she was too polite to say so!

My top pick for a woman who is of mature age is:

Super Saver Kansa Wands pack $148.75

Relax, revitalise and brighten your face with this natural and easy to use tool!


Read my article Kansa Wand Reviews – Too Good To Be True? to know more about the  Ayurvedic Kansa Massage, which gives the user a youthful face and at the same time providing stress-relief and total skin and mind-body rejuvenation!

If you are still unsure, read my article Gifts For Elderly Women

My warm recommendations

In case you are still unsure, go ahead and read all my recommendations. Anything I recommend I have personally benefited for years and given as gifts to my family and friends.

Not once I have had anyone complains about my present and they have often been genuinely thankful and continued using the products I gave them for years.

Love and peace,


Gift Ideas For a Busy Mom – Pamper Her

Christmas is almost here and you want to give just the perfect gift for your woman or your daughter, maybe even your sister! She truly deserves it, but you are clueless what to give her! When you ask her, she states she doesn’t need anything except your devotion and the kids love. But deep inside you know you need to reward her hard work in some special way. This article will give you gift ideas for a busy mom!

She is the power motor of the house, taking care the kids, the pets, the garden, is a loving spouse, and on top of that she might still be studying during the evenings of at daytime when the kids are at school.

You have no idea how she manages it all, looking good and a smile on her face, looking great. Everyone admires her and she seems to be happy with your life.

I tell you one things she doesn’t have and that’s time. She struggles to find time to do the things she used to enjoy. Sure, she never complains about it, after all she is too busy to have any real hobbies.

I bet you were expecting me to tell you to get her a gift card for a day spa, right? While that might be a good idea, I would advice you to also take a look at how you can create her a little bliss at home, so  she can relax and indulge in small luxuries.

  1. Ayurvedic Products

Ayurvedic products are prepared from pure essential oils and herbal ingredients based on thousands of years old Indian recipes.

Now on offer for $49.00 $65.00

Hair Care Dry Hair

  1. Javakusum Hair Oil: non-sticky potent hair tonic prevents dandruff, stops hair lose and premature graying. Hibiscus, Amla, Henna and indigo bring out the colors and make the hair shiny. Read more about this fantastic ayurvedic hair oil here: Javasukum Hair Oil
  2. Silky Strength Aloevera-Wheatgerm Moisturizing Shampoo: strengthens the hair roots and nourishes the scalp controlling dandruff, without drying the hair. It repairs damaged hair, prevents the split ends, while giving it strength and volume.
  3. Kumuda – Sacred Indian Lotus silicone free conditioner:  smoothens and nourishes dull and damaged hair. Includes special ingredients for promoting hair health and stimulating growth while helping to fight hair thinning and hair-fall.

She will enjoy how luxuriously soft her hair will feel and how shiny it will look!  I bet she doesn’t spend a lot of time caring for herself, because she is always on the move. Small things can make all the difference and you will enjoy the benefits of her feeling better about herself too.

Now on offer for $157.00


Ayurvedic facial care pack


This luxury skincare kit includes:

  1. Facial Kansa Wand ancient beauty secret
  2. Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Face Wash with sandalwood and honey. Removes make-up gently.
  3. Kimsukadi Glow-Boosting Facial Oil: made from orange Kimsukadi flowers and 17 herbs, this elixir is the best youth elixir I have ever come across.
  4. Pomegranate Mandarin Pore Refining Tonic fantastic skin toner.
  5. Deep Cleansing Lotion: Aloe Vera deep cleansing and moisturizing cream
  6. Cascade Moisturizing Day Care Lotion: Fabulous Ayurvedic day cream that will protect your face from the sun and pollutions.

She will love the effects of these products will have on her skin. She will look younger, feel happier and will love you for this gift!

You can find my more depth review of these products here:

Age Defying Skin Care Set

2. The Sattvic Mind – DVD Set

Sattvic Mind

How about teaching her ancient Ayurvedic secrets about emotional bliss! The Sattvic Mind is a self-improvement model designed to help her to achieve a piece of mind, which is an essential for responding to the modern life’s stress and negativity with calmness.

This course will show you practical, actionable plans for your modern day life, how to identify your Red Light, Yellow Light and Green light behaviors and arrest dangerous behaviors at the nascent stage itself.

You will learn day-to-day techniques designed to help you cope with the particular stresses of modern living – like learning how to say “no” more often at work or even planning fun – yes, planning fun – to build a buffer against anxiety. This course is full of targeted tricks that are deceptively simple, but can potentially change the way you live!

I have written an article about this special and powerful positive way of thinking. You can read about it here:

What Is Positive Thinking About – Sattvic Mind

3. Amazon Audible

Does she love to read, but can’t find time for it? Did you know that Amazon now has an amazing selection of audio books available. She will get a book every month that she can listen with a special app on her phone, while she goes about her chores, commutes or relaxed in the evenings.


Now on offer $14.95/month


Find more than 200.000 titles, recorded by masters of storytelling, bring new dimensions to the book. You can also change between reading on your kindle device and listening the book.

Amazon Audible Books

If you order give her this gift, Amazon will give you the first month for free. Take a look at our Competitions and Giveaways as joining the Audible trial  is currently one of our competitions for Amazon Gift cards!

HOT TIP! If you feel that none of these gifts is right for her, make sure to check out my other gift suggestions for women!

And yes, if you still feel she would better benefit from a gift card to a day spa, I am sure she would love that too!

Love and Energy,


Unique Christmas Gifts For Women – A Gift She’ll Love

You probably ended up on this page, because you were reading my article about Christmas gift ideas for women and want to know how to pick a unique Christmas gift for women who are picky.

It’s most likely your girl friend or wife, but we might also be talking about your sister or perhaps mother. You are simply out of ideas what to give her, as nothing seems to please her!

I will tell you a little secret, she is actually not picky at all, she just appreciates good quality and has her own unique taste! She likes unusual things and appreciates gifts chosen with insight.

When you pick a gift for her make sure what ever you buy is top of the line, something she can cherish and show of to her friends proudly. It doesn’t have to be expensive though!

My top 3 gift ideas for picky woman this Christmas are:

  1. The Ayurvedic Woman $97.00 $197.00

Ayurvedic WomanGive her to gift to understand herself and her body. So many women are struggling with so called women issues. The are generally brushed under the carpet with the mention: You have to suffer for being the fairer sex.

Not in Ayurveda! This unique DVD set teaches her secrets how to take care of her own body, doesn’t matter what age she is. It will teach how to balance the Ayurvedic doshas and regain the control of your body.

Below is a film of everything this powerful movie will teach you about improving fertility, eradicating PMS and menopause symptoms.

She would never expect you to give her this insightful gift, but she will for sure enjoy learning about these secrets!

The Christmas offer is simply amazing offer with 100USD REDUCTION in price. This course also includes online access to the content, so it can be viewed from the PC or mobile!

2. Meditation Retreat

Boost her well-being by booking her a  yoga and meditation retreat! Sounds expensive? It doesn’t have to be!

Yoga Retreats has the largest selection available from any online yoga travel site.  Most yoga retreats are now advertising their services via this great platform!

She will sure want to heal, and nourish her soul, a meditation yoga retreat is a perfect place to learn about the secrets of yoga and mediation!

On such retreats, you will start finding answers to your needs from within. You will learn to relax completely and reset all your batteries.

There are many wonderful packages to choose at Yoga Retreats from budget trips to more luxurious packages. However they all offer her the time time to relax and really concentrate on herself, she will simply love it.

Meditate Yoga Retreat

This easy to use platform can let you make the selection by destination you think she might be interested in, dates, yoga style she is interested in, or by a type of holiday! In this case I suggest that you select the yoga meditation retreat section.

Amongst the popular ones are yoga and meditation retreats in India and Bali. Book a meditation and yoga retreat for her and give her a gift of rejuvenation. As a bonus she will come home either with a new hobby or a deepened practice.

3. Enchanting Beauty: Ancient Secrets to Inner, Outer & Lasting Beauty

You love herEnchanting Beauty Cover px gorgeous being and you want her to stay that way find here.

If she is more of a person who likes to read rather than watch movies, why not give her a gift which helps her to enhance her natural beauty?

Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar brings her vast knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine together with her expertise as an esthetician to give us the foundation for beauty that radiates from the inside out.

This book open a gateway into the Ayurvedic secret methods of enhancing beauty and staying forever young and healthy!

I must warn you though, a lot of women get addicted to these products and methods and although readily available in India and Sri Lanka, in the Western World they don’t come cheaply!

HOT TIP! If you feel that none of these gifts is right for her, make sure to browse around my other gift suggestions for women!

And yes, you can of course still give her that gift card, if you are convince that she is better off selecting her own gift!

P.S. Also take a look at our Competitions and Giveaways! We always have one ongoing for Amazon Gift cards!

Health and Fitness Christmas Gifts That Shine

You ended up on this page, because you are looking for gifts for someone who is living a healthy lifestyle. Maybe it’s your spouse or an other family member or perhaps a good friend! You will surely find it in my collection of health and fitness Christmas gifts!

You want to buy a gift to someone who simply loves everything healthy. They do sports, not only one kind, but you see them trying everything from Yoga and Pilates to spinning, or they might even participate in triathlons! They all have one thing in common and that is they just can’t get enough of healthy food and cooks everything fresh from bio ingredients, in fact going eating out with them is a nightmare!

You understand that they wants to keep up the healthy lifestyle and appreciate what it does for their looks and health, but even though you love healthy living too, you are not at the same level.

What comes to gifts, you simply have no clue what to give! They certainly have all the sports clothing and equipment they can possibly desire and membership to the best gym.

Mission impossible, you are thinking, right? Not so, I have just the perfect something! Why not give them the gift of ancient health and beauty? Ayurveda is the answer to their prayers and below you can find my top 3 picks!

1. Organifi Green Juice $57.95 

Would you agree that healthy nutrition is very important for those living a healthy lifestyle? I bet their cupboard is full of all kind of nutrients and superfoods!

Organifi Green Juice

But you want to she them there is an easier way than taking all those different supplements. There is no better general supplement than the certified organic green juice superfood supplement from Organifi. This amazing product will help the body to detoxify, loose unattractive belly fat and the amazing nutrient it contains improving the overall health fast!

This superfood tastes amazing and helps the body to get all the nutrients it needs in a simple and no hassle way! It’s a real time saver and replaces all the hunting for ingredients and the messy juicing.

Take a look at this video, which explains you how this amazing product works redusing belly fat! Organifi Green Juice Video

2. Ayurveda Aroma Experience $162.80 $198.60

Aromas have a subtle, yet extremely powerful influence on our mind and body. The vapor of essential oils stimulates our brain, it connects to the area that controls emotions, desires and memories, this is why we often associate a certain memory or a person with a scent.

The aromas are distilled directly from plants and combined with an oil base, creating what is called the essential oil. Fragrances will have a calming, relaxing, energizing or soothing effect on you. They can help you to fall sleep, or wake up you up gently.

Wonderful health benefits of these fragrances help regulate hormone levels completely naturally.

Aromatherapy Wonderful health benefits of these fragrances help regulate hormone levels completely naturally.

This pack contains an aroma diffuser, replacement pads and delightful essential oils collection including blissful heart aroma oil, slumber time aroma oil and worry free aroma oil.

If you want something that also doubles as a centre piece, take a look at these wonderful handmade nebulizing diffusers.

HOT TIP! Add to this gift a book:
Ayurveda & Aromatherapy: The Earth Essential Guide to Ancient Wisdom and Modern Healing

They can learn more about aromatherapy and it’s healing powers! They are for ure interested to know everything about natural ways of healthy living and you know it!

The Christmas offer is simply amazing offer with 20% REDUCTION in price.

3. Ayurveda & The Paleo Diet – DVD Set $67

 I bet they has tried every health diet there is, they want to keep their weight is check as they are well aware of the consequences of overweight and excess body fat!
Why not give them this DVD set with unique way of combining Ayurveda and Paleo diets! They will simply love the way of eating it introduces!

Ayurvedic Paleo DietAyurveda and the Paleo Diet shows you sustainable, long-term solution to a super healthy life. 

The Paleovedic Diet shares health-promoting secrets of long-lived societies.

  • It addresses the questions about nutrition and dispels myths about grains and gluten, protein, good and bad fats, and exactly which fruits and vegetables to eat.
  • It includes an impressive evidence-based review of spices, which are an incredible source of nutrients, phytochemicals and other healing compounds.
  • Additionally, it discusses the importance of a daily routine, intermittent fasting, physical activity, optimal sleep, stress reduction, and balance of your mind-body connection.

Just watch this short movie, which explains how Ayurvedic paleo diets work! I bet you can hear it speak to any health freak loud and clear!

HOT TIP! Why not get together with relatives and friends and buy them all the items on my list? The effective combination of knowledge and Ayurveda herbal products will make her healthy life style even better one.

They will be exited and thank you for your thoughtful gift and for sure cannot stop telling all their friends about the wonderful gift you gave. They will find some lovely ways to thank you all for sure!

Love and Light,