What Is Coconut Oil Pulling About

You might have heard about the latest health trends involving coconut oil and wonder what is coconut oil pulling about in fact? This article will emerge you to the secret of this ancient Ayurvedic tradition, covering the history, production, the technique and the health benefits of coconut oil pulling.

What Coconut Oil Pulling About Exactly?

When talking about coconut oil, it is important to remember that coconut oil is produced from coconuts and not from palm hearts, like palm oil, which usage has grown controversial due to the destructions of rain forests for the benefits of palm oil plantations. You can read more about this in my own article about protecting the earth.


Coconut Oil Production

Coconut oil is produced in most parts of Asia, Middle and South America and Africa. It can be produced with two different methods:

  1. Drying coconut meat and mechanically pressing the oil. This process results in raw extra virgin coconut oil.
  2. Coconut oil is extracted without drying. The coconut milk is the first product to be produced. Afterward the oil is seperated from the cobra by boiling, fermenting, refrgerating or mechanical centrifuge. This process is called wet-milling and since the oil is not the product of the first press, cannot be called extra virgin.


Making Coconut Oil

History of Coconut Oil Pulling

Coconut oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice, dating back 5000 years, helps to balance the three doshas of the body, by detoxifying the body via the salivary glands. Read more about dosha here:

What Is a Dosha – How It Influences Our Lives

Deeply rooted into the religious daily ritual cleansing, one of the long traditions of Hinduism. This was a very important for both maintaining good health in the ancient times and living the religious life described by the Vedas.


Although coconut oil pulling is being traditionally practiced in India, the concept was first popularized by Russian Dr. F. Karach in 1990’s for the Western world. Today many health improvement programs promote it’s usage, its most common use today is teeth whitening.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Extra virgin Coconut oil is ant-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, due to which it has various health benefits. It can be used in five different ways:

  1. Ingesting – Eating two spoonfuls of coconut oil daily
  2. Skin – Moisturizing the skin and helping to heal wounds
  3. Hair – Moisturize and nourish the hair
  4. Vaginally – to help to rebalanced vaginal flora in order to treat and prevent yeast infections.
  5. Oil pulling

Only the health benefits of oil pulling are covered in this article.

Healthier Teeth

A lot of the teeth problems are caused by tartar or scale, which is build up of hard plaque. Plaque itself contains bacteria, which are responsible for cavities, root infections and gum disease.


Coconut oil  contains Lauric acid, which is very well known for its antimicrobial actions, it prevents the strep mutans bacteria, which cause tooth decay.

Coconut pulling also helps with whitening the teeth, be removing the stains in the enamel, as the mechanical action of swishing triggers an emulsification process and helps to ‘scrub’ stains from the teeth.

Healthier Mouth & Throat

Mouth is the gateway to the body. We ingest a lot of bacteria, viruses and fungus every day when we eat, drink and exchange bodily fluids with others for instance by kissing. These can cause a lot of health issues for the whole body.

Coconut oil pulling helps to rinse your mouth help to heal and prevent:

  • Gum deceases
  • Mouth infections
  • Sore throat
  • Air ways infections
  • Tongue plaque
  • Bad breath


Healthy mouth and teeth will remove some of the toxins before they spread to the rest of the body, meaning that that body will remain healthier without toxic stress, the following are the benefits of this detoxification progress:

  1. Reduction of headache and migraines. Build up of toxins in the body and the brain is one of the cause for headache.
  2. Keeps the skin clear. Body cleanses toxins out via the pores. Less toxins in the body means less skin impurities.
  3. Improves the hormone functions zyban medication. Build up of bodily toxins prevent hormones from working properly.
  4. Improves the immune system. Because the body is not fighting toxins, the immune system can concentrate on fighting other causes of illnesses, making us generally more resistant to diseases.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention obesity, stroke, heart diseases, diabetes and arthritis are linked to dental problems and gum health.

Coconut Oil Pulling Techniques

While there are several varying techniques for the coconut oil, here are the correct steps:

  1. Brush your teeth and clean your teeth.
  2. Take a spoon full of organic, extra virgin coconut oil in your mouth.
  3. Do not swallow.
  4. If the oil is not in liquid for because it has been stored in cold, let it melt in your mouth.
  5. Move the oil back and forth in your mouth, swishing, making sure it enters all the areas of the mouth including under the tongue
  6. Gurgle with the coconut oil
  7. Spit the oil out. DO NOT SWALLOW!
  8. Gurgle with water
  9. Drink a class of water to get the rest of the oily residue out of your mouth
  10. Do not brush your teeth afterwards!

The variations mostly concentrate on the time the act of pulling lasts and how often it should be performed. 10-20mins are the usual recommendations. Longer, the better for removing microbes. Most people agree to optimal benefits it should be done daily, but some do it twice a day, others few times a week.

There are possible rituals to be performed while pulling the coconut oil if you follow some ancient rites. I will not covering the rituals here as they vary not only based on the religion, but also from region to region. I will however mention that is usual to hum out loud during coconut pulling.

You might ask why it’s important to spit out the oil, instead of swallowing it? Coconut oil is healthy, right? Yes, it’s healthy, but when you use this technique, you are gathering bacteria and viruses from your mouth and throat in the coconut oil and you definitely don’t want to digest that.

Instead afterwards, take an other spoonful and swallow it immediately without repeating the procedure. Most people tend to brush the teeth in the end, which is a mistake. By ingesting an other spoon  full of the oil, you leave a healthy protective layer on your teeth.

My Loving Advice

Here you see my own technique, I personally do coconut oil pulling for 15 minutes in the morning after yoga and cleansing my body, before eating. I both hum and use this time to due a short mediation and reflect inwards. In fact I find this daily ritual very calming.

You want to be gentle with the coconut oil pulling. It is important not to swish too hard or use the coconut oil to brush the teeth with! Do not mix any other ingredients with the oil!

There are several so called Ayurvedic mixtures that contain ‘beneficial herbs’ and sesame oil. It does not give the same benefits that pure unrefined coconut oil pulling does. You can ingest the herbs separately, they do much more good to your body this way.

There are a lot of negative videos of using this technique on the Internet, by people who have no idea of proper use of this technique. Some are also fake showing supposed damage to the teeth with before and after pictures.

Organic Coconut Oil

Also make sure you only use the pure and unrefined coconut oil! I am myself not fortunate enough to be able to produce me own, so I have to rely on organically certified products. Just follow my instructions and be safe!

With Love,



Gift Ideas For a Busy Mom – Pamper Her

Christmas is almost here and you want to give just the perfect gift for your woman or your daughter, maybe even your sister! She truly deserves it, but you are clueless what to give her! When you ask her, she states she doesn’t need anything except your devotion and the kids love. But deep inside you know you need to reward her hard work in some special way. This article will give you gift ideas for a busy mom!

She is the power motor of the house, taking care the kids, the pets, the garden, is a loving spouse, and on top of that she might still be studying during the evenings of at daytime when the kids are at school.

You have no idea how she manages it all, looking good and a smile on her face, looking great. Everyone admires her and she seems to be happy with your life.

I tell you one things she doesn’t have and that’s time. She struggles to find time to do the things she used to enjoy. Sure, she never complains about it, after all she is too busy to have any real hobbies.

I bet you were expecting me to tell you to get her a gift card for a day spa, right? While that might be a good idea, I would advice you to also take a look at how you can create her a little bliss at home, so  she can relax and indulge in small luxuries.

  1. Ayurvedic Products

Ayurvedic products are prepared from pure essential oils and herbal ingredients based on thousands of years old Indian recipes.

Now on offer for $49.00 $65.00

Hair Care Dry Hair

  1. Javakusum Hair Oil: non-sticky potent hair tonic prevents dandruff, stops hair lose and premature graying. Hibiscus, Amla, Henna and indigo bring out the colors and make the hair shiny. Read more about this fantastic ayurvedic hair oil here: Javasukum Hair Oil
  2. Silky Strength Aloevera-Wheatgerm Moisturizing Shampoo: strengthens the hair roots and nourishes the scalp controlling dandruff, without drying the hair. It repairs damaged hair, prevents the split ends, while giving it strength and volume.
  3. Kumuda – Sacred Indian Lotus silicone free conditioner:  smoothens and nourishes dull and damaged hair. Includes special ingredients for promoting hair health and stimulating growth while helping to fight hair thinning and hair-fall.

She will enjoy how luxuriously soft her hair will feel and how shiny it will look!  I bet she doesn’t spend a lot of time caring for herself, because she is always on the move. Small things can make all the difference and you will enjoy the benefits of her feeling better about herself too.

Now on offer for $157.00


Ayurvedic facial care pack


This luxury skincare kit includes:

  1. Facial Kansa Wand ancient beauty secret
  2. Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Face Wash with sandalwood and honey. Removes make-up gently.
  3. Kimsukadi Glow-Boosting Facial Oil: made from orange Kimsukadi flowers and 17 herbs, this elixir is the best youth elixir I have ever come across.
  4. Pomegranate Mandarin Pore Refining Tonic fantastic skin toner.
  5. Deep Cleansing Lotion: Aloe Vera deep cleansing and moisturizing cream
  6. Cascade Moisturizing Day Care Lotion: Fabulous Ayurvedic day cream that will protect your face from the sun and pollutions.

She will love the effects of these products will have on her skin. She will look younger, feel happier and will love you for this gift!

You can find my more depth review of these products here:

Age Defying Skin Care Set

2. The Sattvic Mind – DVD Set

Sattvic Mind

How about teaching her ancient Ayurvedic secrets about emotional bliss! The Sattvic Mind is a self-improvement model designed to help her to achieve a piece of mind, which is an essential for responding to the modern life’s stress and negativity with calmness.

This course will show you practical, actionable plans for your modern day life, how to identify your Red Light, Yellow Light and Green light behaviors and arrest dangerous behaviors at the nascent stage itself.

You will learn day-to-day techniques designed to help you cope with the particular stresses of modern living – like learning how to say “no” more often at work or even planning fun – yes, planning fun – to build a buffer against anxiety. This course is full of targeted tricks that are deceptively simple, but can potentially change the way you live!

I have written an article about this special and powerful positive way of thinking. You can read about it here:

What Is Positive Thinking About – Sattvic Mind

3. Amazon Audible

Does she love to read, but can’t find time for it? Did you know that Amazon now has an amazing selection of audio books available. She will get a book every month that she can listen with a special app on her phone, while she goes about her chores, commutes or relaxed in the evenings.


Now on offer $14.95/month


Find more than 200.000 titles, recorded by masters of storytelling, bring new dimensions to the book. You can also change between reading on your kindle device and listening the book.

Amazon Audible Books

If you order give her this gift, Amazon will give you the first month for free. Take a look at our Competitions and Giveaways as joining the Audible trial  is currently one of our competitions for Amazon Gift cards!

HOT TIP! If you feel that none of these gifts is right for her, make sure to check out my other gift suggestions for women!

And yes, if you still feel she would better benefit from a gift card to a day spa, I am sure she would love that too!

Love and Energy,


How To Deal With Depression During Holidays Naturally

Holidays are stressful time even for the ones who’s life is on the perfect track. For the ones, who are suffering from depression, this time of love and happiness is often associate with anxiety and even suicidal thoughts. My article will introduce you into how to deal with depression during holidays using natural methods and techniques. It is dedicated to a friend of mine who suffered from cancer. He passed away 2 years ago on a Christmas Eve to an overdose of painkillers. Nobody knew about his depression and we were therefore unable to help him.

Have you ever felt the anxiety of being in a room full of loved ones happily celebrated and felt completely alone, not being able to catch the festive mood? Let me assure you, you are not alone! Holiday blues is very common!

Or maybe you have just lost a loved one and are facing your first Christmas without this special person. Or maybe this person past away around the holidays, or maybe she or he was essential part of the holiday season and it’s traditions.

You might be facing celebrations alone, having no relatives or friends to share this special time with. Maybe you live far away from your family or you are older and your loved ones have passed away?

My article will teach you 5 powerful ways to learn how to cope with depression during the holiday season. You might try all of them or just pick few, which you find most useful based on my description. However I suggest you give them all some thought for lifting the holiday blues!

1.Exercise and Fresh Air

Going out and doing some exercise, has a wonder effect on lifting the depression. I realize it’s hard to get going, when all you feel like doing is staying in bed all day, but you need to get out!

Exercise produces endorphines, the feel good hormone, in our brain and this feel good hormone will lift the depression in no time. If you are not in a good physical condition, start with walks or perhaps cycling.

Being out and breathing some fresh air also has a wonderful effect in lifting the brain fog, which depression often causes. Therefore I suggest getting out for your exercise session instead of hitting the gym or practicing your sport at home.


Beautiful nature also aids making us feel better, by stimulating our brains visually. Go or a walk in a forest, by the sea shore or a mountain. Find out a beautiful spot somewhere nearby and take a day trip to enjoy the scenery.

Take up yoga! Yoga is a great gentle exercise that teaches the connection of body and mind. You can read my personal recommendations how to get started here:

Starting Yoga Practice – Beginners Guide

You can also read about the benefits of simply doing sun salutations daily in my article:

The Benefits Of Surya Namaska – Yoga Healing

Warrior II Pose

2.Power of Massage

Massage can help to clear depression! Good massage helps to drain the body of toxins and at the same time it also relaxes both the body and the mind, promoting good general health.

You can book a massage, depending on your location and what’s available near to you, consider an Ayurvedic oil massage. They help to strengthen your immune system, help to overcome fatigue and insomnia, which often are caused of depression!


Ayurvedic massage

If you are unable to find a good massage place nearby, there are several self-massage techniques to be performed on various body parts such as face and feet with good massage oil, that can help you to experience the benefits.

I myself love Kansa Wands for the almost magical effect on reliefind depression, due to the healing combination of the kansa metal and the wonderful technique which helps to sooth sore muscles and revive the skin. You can read my review here:

Kansa Wand Reviews – Too Good To Be True

The article also highlights the best tools, the training materials and the oil to be used with this powerful self-massage technique!

3.Meditation and Deep Relaxation

Meditation and deep relaxation are both great ways of clearing up the skies. They will teach you techniques to relax your mind and get better sleep, as depression often causes sleep deprivation as we cannot let go of our depressive thoughts in order to relax and fall asleep.

Meditation has also a lot of other health benefits, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which often are related to depression. Read more about 10 Benefits From Mediation – Ready To Make A Change

Here is my very own deep relaxation meditation. It will take you to the depths of the ocean and join a dive with the blue whales!

If you want to read more about this meditation, please read:

The Guided Deep Relaxation Meditation

it will demonstrate you the correct pose for this meditation and also give you some back ground information on this technique and it’s benefits.

4.Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy is a very powerful way of relieving depression.  The essential oils have a subtle, yet extremely powerful influence on our mind and body via our sense of smell.


Aroma therapy can be enjoyed in many different forms, four most commonly know, all with wonderful benefits, are:

  1. Aroma therapy massage – you or a therapist use a massage oil mixed with essential oils to massage various parts of your body. Most common treatments concentrate on the face and the back.
  2. Aroma therapy candles – Make sure to select one with a natural scent as a lot of the scented candles are not produced with essential oils. Safe bets are scents of spices and citrus. As an additional benefit, candles also help to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  3. Aroma therapy bath – a very effective way to let the essential oils to seep into your body via your skin.
  4. Aroma therapy inhalation – three main techniques are used to release the scent of he oils in to the air:
    1. Burner – a candle is used to apply heat to a ceramic dish which contains a mixture of water and essential oil, releasing the scent into the air.
    2. Infuser – mixes water and essential oil and releases it into the air with water vapor, changing the atmosphere of your home.
    3. Inhaling infuser – uses the same strategy as normal infuser, but contains a part where you enter your face and inhale the water vapor intensively for a certain amount of time. This also doubles as a facial sauna and gives you the relaxing benefit of the heat.
    4. Diffuser – speads the aroma into the air. Read about the best aromatherapy diffusers here: What Is The Best Aromatherapy Diffuser Like?

Aroma Bath

I can wholeheartedly recommend this as we humans often associate certain scents with memories. Remember the scent of Christmas from your childhood? Smell of food and freshly baked cookies or mulled wine? The tree, when it was first brought into the house?

Find some memory about a scent that makes you happy and then search for something with that particular odor. You will not even realize how fast it will lift your moods!

Read more about aromatherapy in my article:

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Dinner table

5.Choose Happiness

This might sounds like a strange advice to someone who is suffering from depression! However what we must realize is the fact that dwelling in our misery will only serve to make things worse.

Cozy up in front of a fire with a good book or take a relaxing bath! Pamper yourself to a facial treatment or manicure.



There are several positive thinking techniques to learn to deal with negativity and turn things around even during the darkest times. I have a separate article that deals with the fact that happiness really is a choice we must do every day.

I tell my own personal story, how my cancer treatments, combined with a lot of bad luck, got me down to a very dark place and how I was able to overcome it:

What Is Positive Thinking About – Sattvic Mind

My Loving Advice

Spending time with rejoicing family and friends can sounds a chore to someone who is suffering from depression, but by surrounding yourself with people who love you, can help you feel better.

Open up to someone you trust and let them know about your problems, do not suffer in silence. If you feel you cannot talk to someone you know well, which can perhaps feel intimidating, there are several phone lines and centers setup for the holiday season.

Phone Call

If you are alone during the holidays, there are places where you go attend celebrations together with others in the same situation.  The intention is to bring people together not only for the special occasions, but to form friendships that will help you on the long term.

As these are local, I cannot give you a particular service, you you can easily look them up online or in your local news paper. These services are strictly confidential and free, often staffed by volunteers who have been suffering from depression one time in their lives themselves, so they will easily be able to relate to your story.

I hope you follow me advice, because if you do, I guarantee you will get through the holiday season without anxiety and stress which will only deepen your depression.

I would love you hear the thoughts of everyone who either themselves are suffering from depression or know someone who is. I am here for you in case you need someone to talk to! I have been down that road myself many times and will happily share my experiences in overcoming the dark clouds.


Comforting Hug

Sending You All A Comforting Hug and Love,


Aromatherapy Infuser

P.S. If you want to lift your moods fast, take a look at the Ayurveda aroma experience 

It’s my family’s favorite way to enjoy the benefits of aroma therapy in my home.

What Is Positive Thinking About – Sattvic Mind

Most of us use all our lives to chase after happiness, not realizing it’s a choice we make every day! Read my article to discover what is positive thinking about and how sattvic mind program can help you in your search for the ultimate bliss!

This has been one of those months that absolutely everything goes wrong. It’s been really hard to try to maintain a positive attitude and thinking.

Luckily last week I have been attending a seminar about how to use the Ayurvedic sattvic mind program for positive thinkings! Although the concept was not new to me, it has reminded me of the fact that happiness is indeed something we choose with our words. actions and thoughts every day.

When Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

First of all my health has gotten to the worst the last months and besides tightening my diet, yoga and exercise routine, I have been forced to give up my full time work, causing a considerable loss of income for my family.

Herbal Teas

For the same reason, I have also been forced to give up my active roles in running several of my companies, as the work and travel related to it were both causing a lot of stress.

I also had 2 car accidents, although neither my fault, the hassle caused was endless! One was caused by a drunk youngster in Poland and other by a truck, who’s tire exploded, causing flying debris and junk on the road.


car crash

However both times, the insurance companies were refusing to handle the case with ease and pay for the damages without a fight, causing me to having to advance the repairs out of my own pocket just to get the car into driving state.

Besides from not having a car for weeks at the time, I will now be facing a motor vehicle technical inspection in January, which I know I will fail with some of the repairs still pending.  I smell a court case here!

My teenage son has experienced some trouble at school and was expelled twice, forcing me to care for him, instead of myself like I had planned. Same time my daughter also experiences difficulties in math and I have not been there to help her out for the oncoming exams due to my cancer treatments.


Broken Finger

Our lovely dog got bitten rather badly by an other older male while visiting on the island of Rügen by the North Sea. That aggressive dog also bit through my finger!

This has caused my dog to react somewhat aggressively towards other male dogs and made him very protective towards the kids. As a result, he bit a mail woman who entered the house while I was in the shower.

I am sure I can find plenty of other things that have gone wrong lately.

Tickets for speeding on the motorway

Friends, family and colleagues getting upset with me due to me being unavailable

Kidney infection and various flu strands that have plagued me

So forth, in a very short time, causing a lot of frustrations, anger, agitations, stress, not to mention the effect is has had on my friends and family.

You might wonder how a seminar could help me out with all of the problems above? In order to find the answer, we need to first look what health is from Ayurvedic point of view.

The Ayurvedic Definition Of Health

Ayurvedic Definition Of Health

The ayurvedic definition of the health is a complete piece of mind. A true emotional bliss, which will help us to cope with stress and negativity in our lives! It can be achieved with the help of understanding our mind, which is a complex  organism, tightly bound with our bodies and therefore all our actions and behavior.

First step is to understand the strong body and mind connection means that every thought impacts our body and every bodily function impacts our mind. The second is the knowledge how to rewire our neural pathways to change our emotional and mental habits to become healthy!

Sattvic Mind To The Rescue


Sattvic Mind

The seminar I attended was a reminder to me about the Ayurvedic program that leads to achieving the sattvic mind, the emotional bliss. It relies on targeted deceptively tricks to change your habits and therefore your life.

The teaching starts with the tale of three animals; elephant, tiger and jackal. They represent the 3 gunas, or qualities; sattva, rajas and tamas.


Elephant is a strong, gentle and highly intelligent giant, who’s diet is purely vegetarian. He represents the calm sattvic mind, one that works well in the human environment. He has heightened creativity and expanded consciouses.

Sattvic Mind

Rajasic nature is represented as tiger, who kills and eats other animals. His nature as a carnivorous makes him aggressive, fierce and angry. His mind is restless and strong, always on the lookout for any dangers.

Rajasic Nature

Tamasic mind is symbolized by the jackal. He is lazy and fearful, but cunning at the same time, prone to activities not good for us; self-sabotage. He shuns daylight and survives on food which is left behind to rot by others. Mind full of tamasic qualities is dull and weak, known to faint or panic in tough situations,

Tamasic Mind

What Is Positive Thinking About Exactly?

In order to achieve the emotional bliss of a sattvic mind, you need to take care of all the aspects of your being. Everyone’s mind consist these three aspects and we need to learn to balance them right.

We need to understand that each aspect is needed, depending on the situations we encounter. For instance if we are involved in a  car crash, we need to be able to react fast and fiercely, to get out the vehicle and help the others.

It is not a moment to panic and withdraw into ourselves. This is a moment when tiger has to take over and deal with the situation, just like when we lived in a world much more filled with dangers today.

But we also need the Sattvic mind, which will help us to remain calm and steady. Taking a moment to analyze the situation, before acting is always best in any situation, in this case how to best help a person stuck in a burning car.

Analytic Mind

Returning back to our normal lives, we need a way to stay calm and happy in our jobs and family lives, surrounded by all the external stress factors.

This means we need to cultivate a mind that is high on sattvic aspects, yet not overwhelming rajas and tamas. As cunningness and fierce actions are parts of problem solving in our daily lives. We also need to be lazy in order to be able to relax and enjoy our lives.

Two Legs Of The Balance

Ayurveda recognizes that there are two legs of balancing the qualities. Ahara, the diet and Vihara, activities and lifestyle.

Ahara – The Diet


The journey starts with nutrition, move towards eating like an elephant.This means:

  • Clean eating with less processed and ready made food, which is full of preservatives, colorants and toxins.
  • Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet and choose biologically grown when ever possible.
  • Reducing our consumptions of meat, slowly changing to a vegetarian diet. For protein favor eggs, butter and yogurt.

Vihara – Activities and Lifestyle


Side Crow

Each an one of us is born with a different balance in our gunas and together with doshas, they define our persona to some extend. However we also face changes by the demands of our environment, often bringing a less favorable aspect to dominance.

We all have the power to chance the amount of these aspects in ourselves and therefore change our personalities. By changing the way we behave, we can bring joy into our lives.

To practice this we need to do the following:

  • Follow some mental exercises to achieve calmness of mind and practice self-love
  • Focus on pleasurable activities that bring us happiness, fulfillment and joy.
  • Accept our natural urges such as yawning, sex drive and hunger. We should strive to learn to control them, without suppressing them.
  • Incorporating gentle exercise in form of walks and yoga into your daily routine.
  • Get more sleep to be more agile of mind
  • Eat moderate amounts of the favorable diet
  • Meditate and use deep relaxation techniques daily to achieve higher self-awareness
  • Practice Yogic breathing, also called Pranayamas for calming the mind
  • Use spices and herbs to balance your energies
  • Be kind and gentle to yourself to reduce negativity towards your being

Stop SignFinally it is important to learn the techniques to recognize the situations when one of the less favorable aspects of your mind is about to take over and stop it from happening before it’s too late.

You can read my previous article about meditation benefits, it deals with how meditation can help you to control anger:

10 Benefits From Meditation – Ready To Make A Change

All the mental problems and illnesses can be relieved or even reversed by following the Ayurvedic path to discovering our unique minds, turning negative thinking into positive and applying some self-care to balance the aspects our mind consist of.

If you want to learn more about how to bring some more happiness into your life, take a look at The Sattvic Mind program. A DVD and online course into the techniques in achieving the Sattvic mind!


Sattvic Mind

Practice Positive Thinking To Overcome Problems

Positive thinking brings you happiness! It helps you to make the best out of every situation and discover all the things in your life worth celebrating.  Being happy in your life is a choice you make like any other, be sure to remember this when go chasing after the bliss!

By adding more sattvic aspect into mind I have been able to see positivity in everything instead of dwelling on my problems. I have once again been reminded what positive thinking is really all about!

To learn more about the practice of positive thinking, read my article about walking meditation method:

Walking Meditation Benefits – Gratefulness 

Instead of seeing an overwhelming mountain of issues like the week before, I have instead started to deal with them one at the time, prioritizing things and concentrating on the most important once.

I chose to take care of myself and my children. In the end money and other material things are not as important as me getting healthy is. Concentrating on my children to ensure their growth is a priority!

Join me today in choosing happiness!

With All My Love,