Muffit at Chiemsee

About Art By Heart

ArtByHeart by Chiemsee
Me sitting at my favourite spot by the Chiemsee, Bavarian, German Alps.


Nice of you to stop by! I am the woman behind Art By Heart! My name is Mira Johanna but most of my friends call me Hanna, you can do this too. I have a dog named Muffit, a gorgeous male Stabij hound.

I’m a Yoga and Ayurveda loving artist who travels around the world when ever not forced to work, soaking up experiences and sights, learning about new cultures and especially about natural healing methods. I am writing down my experiences in several blogs and e-books.

ArtByHeart CTO
Me at my CTO role during a company call.

Through my illness, ovarian cancer, I have learned to slow down and enjoy the live. I no longer enjoy my work within IT and look for alternative way of living.

I have realised that most people nowadays don’t appreciate real handmade art any more. It’s not considered ‘perfect’ and they rather prefer some decoration item mass produced in Asia or choose something digitally produced. This is one of the reasons I started to brand my creations with ‘Art By Heart’.

ArtByHeart and a sand turtle
I got bored one day on the beach and formed a giant turtle from sand.

I hate having to choose which form my art takes and often combine things and materials in surprising ways. I am not a fan of taking commission work as I don’t like to do art just to please someone, but rather stay true to my own style and muse. Being an artist is a lifestyle for me rather than just hobby or passion!

I paint with all sorts of colours and pigments I can get my hands on, with my fingers, hands, pencils and sponges on paper, wood, on walls, on stones, on fabric and canvas! I create ceramics, jewellery, carve and burn wood. I work with pebbles and stones! I draw with chalk, coal, crayons and ballpoint or ink pen! I make arts and craft projects and I design cloths. And if I discover a new form of art, I am sure to try it at least once!

Yoga with ArtByHeart
Yoga with ArtByHeart

I am also a ayurvedic yoga teacher and my passion is to practice yoga outside in the middle of the nature. I am passionate about nature and you can read more about my conservation efforts here in my blog post How To Protect Earth.

Both yoga and nature  are an important aspect of my frequent travels to the most beautiful spots around the word! Besides natures, I love city trips and have taken a shine to the European cities.

Me painting directly on the wall
Me painting directly on the wall

I love to run workshops, both yoga, meditation Ayurveda and art, mostly during summers. I enjoy teaching others and especially children! My biggest dream is to be able to combine both and create a special Art By Heart Yoga holidays with Ayurvedic touch!.

Please say hello below and tell me little bit about yourself. I would love to hear from you 🙂

With love,


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